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azmina karim
Posted October 5, 2010 from Bangladesh

I believe all disabled people should not be seen as alien and incapable in the society. I would really love to see this outlook among the people in my community regarding disabled people; therefore I joined an autism school few years ago to raise awareness and to help the school collect fund. I also believe, we cannot change our communities as well as many people’s thoughts and beliefs as we desire since change needs collective effort and strong determination. Therefore, change will surely take much effort, time and collective solution.

As the school is a very local institute, it cannot give enough payment to its teachers and staff, the organization does not have as many staff as it needs. Therefore, I started volunteering to update their website and making them some brochures, which seems very small from my side but a huge help for them. Additionally I kept researching on the internet for another organization or individuals from developed countries and contacted some volunteers who work with this issue to help me. However, there was no response to my concerns. I am trying to organize a fundraising event along with my faculty and staff in my university as I thought my university can be the first place to raise the issue and I thought my fellow mates will be motivated. Additionally, I am making a documentary film to create awareness and to convey a message that - hundreds of children are being neglected and their voices are being suppressed just because they belong to a third-world country like Bangladesh. As another step, I thought worldpulse can be another resource for me where people will learn more about this autistic school here and will be motivated, and some may even help raising fund as they get to know more.

Voices of Our Future Application: Challenges and Solutions to Creating Change

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  • Sarvina Kang
    Oct 06, 2010
    Oct 06, 2010

    Hi Azmina,

    I really enjoy reading your article as it is shown to the world with a great purpose! Of course PulseWire is a great resource to help you to process your school as you will have many wonderful ideas from many powerful and experienced women around the world. Thus I also recommend you one site of One Day on Earth, you can share your documentary film to the world on 10/10/10. Please check this link : www.onedayonearth

    Kind Regards, Sarvina

  • Joanna Krotz
    Oct 07, 2010
    Oct 07, 2010

    Azmina, Your perseverance and creativity on behalf of your chosen cause and the kids you want to help is moving and impressive. Certainly, with a spirit like that, help will be forthcoming, Joanna

  • Mila
    Oct 13, 2010
    Oct 13, 2010

    Hello Azmina,

    Thank you for writing about your work on behalf of disabled people. You did a great job of recognizing the challenges of your work and finding solutions to the problems that your cause faces. I am curious as to how you got interested in being an advocate for disabled people. I would have liked to hear more about your use of online communities such as PulseWire in regard to your work. Online sites can serve as places to only to spread awareness and raise funds, but as a place to find support and exchange ideas. Thank you for all of your hard work!

    Best, Mila