Writing has been my passion. I write almost everything which goes on my mind. I love to comment on news articles and discuss current events and social issues with my parents, siblings, relatives, mentors, friends and comrades. With the advent of technology, I learned to blog. I enjoy posting status on my facebook wall and tweet while on the go because of its easy access.

I always believe on speaking your mind. I cannot help but comment on things which I know would affect me, my country, my community, and the greater majority. I know there are a lot of issues that we cannot ignore. We have to make a stand. Like for example the issue of reproductive health bill which is highly debatable in the Senate of the Phililippines. My male boss who is a Senator is the number one opposition in passing this bill. One of his reasons is that "Most contraceptives are abortive". On the other hand, my favorite mentor in College is an advocate of this bill. She believes on responsible parenthood and strongly supports bills concerning women and their welfare.

Of course, I am a woman and like my female mentor, my inspiration is to defend the rights of my fellow women. I am not afraid to say I am pro reproductive health bill. The population is booming and poverty rate is rising. More and more women die because of pregnancy complications. It is not too late for a third world country like us, to make some preventive measures and make health care and medical attentions accesible to our poor families especially the mothers.

This is just one of my personal stories. There are a lot I still want to share. I want to voice out so many sentiments. Not only of my own but from a lot of women in my country who are afraid to speak their minds.

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Nice to read you Baby Lei. You are very articulate and perhaps, your Senator Boss.. or are we supposed to be their bosses.. can learn a thing or two from you about reproductive rights and how to make the Philippines safer for women and mothers.

Personal stories of teenage mothers, grassroots women who's lives and futures are at risk because of lack of access to reproductive health information and services, might just appeal to him or her.

Good luck. Keep on expressing your views. And writing, too.

Pauline from Leyte

Hi. Thank you so much for finding time to read my journal. Though I must admit it was hurriedly done to meet the deadline. I was not able to discuss it fully well. I have to thank you for giving me ideas to touch on a lot of issues concerning the reproductive health. I know there are so much stories to tell and I won't promise but I will continue on my advocacies to help the women through this social media.

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I'm all for the freedom to express. I see how a lot of people make reservations about stating their opinions. I love that there are people like you (like us!) who are not indifferent. The smallest statements can influence anyone, and you're doing everyone a favor by speaking your mind. Thank you and I hope to see more from you :)

Hi. Thank you so much for leaving a comment. I really appreciate it. I like it also when you say "The smallest statements can influence anyone". Yes, just like the saying "Great things start from small beginning". This is my first step to achieve my goal. To be the voice of my own community. Let's use our freedom of expression for the greater benefits.

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Dear BabyLei,

It's great to read your journal, and to learn about the issues facing women in the Philippines. It sounds like you are caught between the differing opinions of two people you respect greatly in your life. Have you considered asking your current boss, the Senator, to speak with your college mentor, to see whether she can give him some more information about the importance of contraceptives in women's reproductive health and rights.

Or, consider looking to the rest of the World Pulse community. Some interesting and informative articles come up when you do a search for "contraception".

I look forward to reading more!


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