Mental health issues are not yet gained priority in India and the offices and crimes against the mentally sufferring persons are also not controllabel in any of the prevailing land law in India. This is the story of land grabbing of a group of persons from a lady of innocence and left her in lurch. She is a single and unmarried lady of 65 year old. She was very well employed and after her retirement from the government services she wanted to do women health related social work and leased at a free of cost of her earned property for the sake to a doctor couple and they were sincerely doing the service and after few years they tried to grab the given property and put the land lady to hardship. After recovering the property from the unethical couple the land lady donated to one Internationally spread religious institution for the sake of social work and she was also involved in the social work under their banner at the local level and lending her time, money and resources for the sake. In one fine day the local voluteer attempted on her life and tried to grab the property and her other wealth and she was saved with the help of local police and the public.

one's goodness means vulnerable for lossing the rights in this country and women living alone and having property and wealth are unsafe in this country. There are good number of group of anti social elements working along with the Politicians and involve in manipulating the documents and records and grabbing the property of innocent women. So also in the case of agricuture lands the land owner do not involve in direct agricuture activities instead they lease the land to the local farmers and migrate to the city sides and settledown for comforts of life. The leasee of the farm lands do not pay the rent or the benifts to original land lords and retain the lands and rights with them for a longer periods and alienate the farmlands and make it residential plots and with out the knowledge of the original owner, say the women, sell the plots in the real estate market. When the original owner of the land comes to know about the dealing of her tenant and the unlawfull activities and moves the issue to the civil court in India she gets no civil and legal remdey for the acts and attitude of the tenant. She is the total looser of her land rights and the revenue from the land if any. The land laws and civil courts are not dealing the cases of women and property related with due concern and the justice is delayed and then denied.

Land and ownership of land and property is the absolute right of a woman in India. But it is treated as a common property and the family members are the sahre holders or the benificieries of her property due to her dependent nature in the family. This is the critical point at which the Indian women are losing their absolute rights over the property. There are number of laws are there in paper but no use.

Land reform Act, registration Act and women & Proerty rights Act are not strong or not ammended to the needs of women and social and economic equity and euqality are the words in the written constituion law and not in practice in getting justice for women and victims in India.

Thereare number of issues involved in this case and the atrocities of the possessors and theri political backups, interference of Politicians in this matter, hide and seek and foul plays of the present day possessors are not writable stories and every time when I approach the Police or legal soruces they deny to help us out at the fear of the injury caused to them by the said possessors who the perpetrators on them and on us. IT is a very tricky ways they conduct the foul play and which are not presentable to the court of law. Therefore we are set to a condition of metnal tourture and agony since 2001 to till date. We have no channel to voice for our rights and justice as mental health vulnerability and property grabbing act are not corelated and dealt with concern by the Police and judiciary in this country. Therefore I say the metnal health realted issues, amendment of prevailing land law on mental health and property of women are not strong to get justice to the vicitm women. Even the official enquires as part of the investigation ordered by the State commission for women has not taken the mental health issue seriously and approched the case as a violation of human rights and atrocities on women and their properties in this country.

I am fighting for the recovery of a property alienated to a thirdparty of my sister and that part of our family property who is a victim of brain and head injury and a survivor of mental health issues and no justice is gained under the Indian land law and my battle is still going on in this issue. I call upon the women community of world and India for helping me to recvoer the property and seek justice for the mentally sufferrring woman of my family.

Mrs.Bagirathi Ramanathan from India

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