mental health is a basic need for the girls to tansform the world

Bagirathi Ramanathan
Posted June 13, 2013 from India

Depression is a world wide public health problems leading to sudden crisis to any society. Advent of science and technology and Economic reasons are one part and the thinking pattern, culture and sense of reasoning is another part occupying the social health of citizens of any society and country. Now that the total mental health condition of young girls are slightly a shift has been taken up from the conservative thinking pattern and it is surely a sign of transformation of word and after few years women will establish themselves for equity and equality in the society. In the classical and traditional society in India women are treated as an object of pleasure for men and the social and physical suppression reduced to them and confined to four walls in a house. Now that the education is one tool which helped the women to realize their selves and slowly gained self confidence and stated to come to the social platform and prove themselves and now that once again the wheel of fortune turned against them especially for the young girls who aspire for education, skill development and making them self dependent for economic sustainability and livelihood ventures in the name of sex violence,child marriage, food and life insecurity and social injustice. Number of girls are living in an acute mental stress especially school going young girls due to the reasons of family unrest due to alcoholism, chronic debts, poor economic and livelihood perspective, loss of land ownership, frequent migration of parents towards the urban cities in search of livelihood possibilities leaving the girl children with the local relatives or under the care of local friends and their families and after some years the girls are left abandoned by the so called care takers and some years are spent in search of the parents and reunion and once this attempt is failed them they start looking for their own way of earning livelihood and married life at this point the girls are vulnerable and caught by the anti social groups and the entire life is taken off by them and this is the end of life prospects of a woman in this land. The girls are very much live in unsafe conditions where ever they go including schools and colleges , hostels, transportation, work place, domestic conditions and even in Public toilets and bus stations and they are always under the severe mental pressure and there is no guarantee for their body and life in any place under the sky. It is so cruel the men and the world around them and some cases the women themselves cause injury to the same community and gender group with their vindictive and anti social attitudes and causing grave injury to their fellow women. Throwing the new born girl child in the bushes, abandoning the girl infants on public places, infanticide and feticide are some of the open and common injustice done to women is yet to be removed from the society. Governments should adopt strong policies and measures to give a total security to girls and help them to realize their potentials and come out with out any fear to establish their space and place in the any society.

Girls Transform the World 2013

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