Women and disabilities

Bagirathi Ramanathan
Posted October 26, 2013 from India

I was invited and attended to the High level meeting on disabilities and developments held at UN head quarters at New york, USA on 23rd of September, 2013 represented Wellbeing Foundation, a civil society organization working for for mental health and disabilities since 2009 to till date. Disabilities of any sort including psycho social disabilities a major society threatening disability world wide is not find its place in the list of disabilities but the countries and the governments are less concerned about this disabilities and I do not know why they are reluctant and neglect this issue? Unless people have sound mind and live with out any mental health issue the society can never realize peace or calm living assured to the citizens and the mental health problems are to be set in priority and this is the call of world Organizations including UNO. Disabilities could not be the physical one alone. I will say that the transgender sex order also a disability like psycho social disability and the rights of these categories need to be prioritized by the governments and all the countries need to amend their land laws to secure these persons from any type of perpetration, indecent representations, degrading their dignity and any violation on their human rights issues. It is all in papers and not in practice that all the land laws and rules never reach this vulnerable group at any point of time in their life and period of distress. Many die with out any justice and many others live with discrimination, perpetration on them and so on. The sorrow full tears of these vulnerable groups are not touched by any of the human rights working or action groups and once again I can say nothing has reached them until they die. I want the world community and civil society organizations fo come for their help at their personal and local levels and appear to the human rights forum on behalf of them to get social civil and criminal justice as the gender based and disability based violence and atrocities on them are increasing day by day and go with out any control of law and justice. Join me for voicing on behalf of the disabled persons including transgender and persons with psycho social disabilities Yours sister .Mrs.Bagirathi Ramanathan M.A in Psychology, D.O.M.,D.J.,PGDLA.,Author & Managing Trustee, Wellbeing FOundation Registered Trust Body No. 1055/2009 at No.77, East Thiruvenkata samy road, R.S.Puram,Coimbatore 641 002 State of Tamil Nadu, India Contact Phone No. +91 0422-2550794 (office) 2478084 (Home) Mobile No. +91 09894599186 (India)Social worker for mental health and disabilities (1) Member, World Federation for Mental health, USA (2) invited attendee for high level meeting for disabilities and development issues held on 23rd September,2013 at the UN Head quarters, Newyork, USA.

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