Women solidarity organisation is a voice forum for women to restore their civil rights in this country especially the property and matrimonial rights where in the innonocent women are cheated. There is a land law available on the protection of civil rights of women in India and even with a specific law on the share of family property the married women and unmarried women are cheated by their own family members and most of the women donot know whether thay have their due share in the family property or not.

The women who are mentally sufferring with the after effect of head injury or psychaitry problems, neurological problems are any other type of chronic health problems they are sure to get deprived of their family property share and the family members try to cheat the innocent women and deny the shares in the family properties. The real estate brokers and the hasty investors are some of the sources for women and victimisation for the sake of grbbing the properties of innocent women. The registration governance is also lucid and many a times the corrupted officials back the perpetrators on the properties and civil rights of the innocent women and silently rigister the documents without caring for any of the official procedures.

When any civil cases are filed as an after effect of such atrocities on women as above then the adovcates and the possessors jointly paly foul plays and try to fish in the troubled water and cause deleberate delay at the judicial ends and a woman who has lost her civil rights need to fight till her lifetime and no legal or judicial remedy is gained on time.

The atrociites on women who fight for the rights or make legal attempts thorugh the court of law to restore their rights need to face a life danger and continued threats on silent modes from the end of advocates and the possessors/ buyers of the proeprty as they are politically protected or backed up and the weak and innocent women can not get the justice at any point of time in their life.

Therefore the women solidarity organisation decides to voice for such women who lost their civil.rights and support them under the legal system thorough the land laws to restore their genuine rights on peroperties. I will also work for the amendment of the Laws pertaining to women and their land rights in this country. Because Women solidarity feels the need for women and their rights attached to landed properties alon help for their empowerement in their economic spheres and come out of the domestic violences and beyond.

sincerely Ms.Bagirathi Ramanathan voice for women in restoration of their civil rights and property rights

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Indian civil laws affecting the rights of women on properties, marriages etc. need suitable amendments and correction in necessary places and the women should be treated with equal status and a equity share is to be given to them in economic shares. Indian women are still underway in gaining rights and women groups who are working for the rights and restoration of civil rights of women are very few and active only to some parts of the country. However with the low vicinity the women groups are still in dormant or they are deprived or thereatened by the political groups and they are not able to come out to the lime light as they are personaly victimised or attacked and killed sometimes and a contiuous phobia and fear is ruling the minds of women and which makes them to keep silent are work only with the development activities or to the limits of their benifts only.

The political parties also track them and put them under their control by giving complements and materials like TVsets and gas stoves etc. and in many conditions even the elections are at prices and the power mongers exploit the women and their vulnerability to a hight and the women are dolls in the hands of Politicians and others. Which means the women are not able to take self decisions in their personal life and public life. The corruption in all the spheres is another barrier to the women development in this country. Therefore women need congnitive restructuring to their minds take meaningful decisions either in the private life or public life and try to establish their civil rights on the society.

Ms.Bagirathi Ramanathan Voice for women in solidarity for restoration of civil and property rights in India


Thank you for sharing this insightful look into the situation for women in your country. Your commitment to helping women gain footing in your country is a powerful testament to what can happen when women stand together in solidarity. Your courage to stand and fight against the obstacles you have mentioned is nothing short of impressive. I encourage you to continue to share your views and thoughts on how women can surmount these many difficulties and challenges. Just knowing that there are powerful voices out there is a ray of hope for the many who are too afraid to speak out.

I look forward to further discussions and learning more about you and your challenges and successes.

In solidarity, Corine

The mental health is a wealth for any society. Due to the drastic changes in the core society with strong culture and value beackground like India the family support system is unique and an advatage for care giving to the mentally affected women and at the same time the feeble mind and the vulnerablity of women getting affected with mental illness due to various reasons like domestic violence, acceidents, neurological difficulties and whatnot and put to hardship by the own family members and taking advatage of the vulnerability of the mentally feeble women, the husband, relatives, meternal and peternal relatives and the strangers, neibhours including the alien real estate brokers and the hasty investors attempt on ruining the hold and source of income genereated from the landed and building properties of women and grab them veryeasily. There is no protective law available or the affected could not be accessible to the law when they are coierced and forced to relighuish theri rights over the property. In my own sister's case who is a life time dependent on psychiatry drugs has been set to overdose and she has been forced to release her rights over her share of maternal and inherrited property. That is at her condition of vulnerability and feeble mind was set to psychotrophic drugs and she could not take any valid decision of her own other than simply signing the documents to release her rights.

This condition could not be proved at any court of Law as the Indian law needs proof and evidence and a sworn in statement of the victim or she has to be examined by the court for finding the truth behind the case etc. The registration authorities are also at theirown benifits of revenew to the government and bribe at the outside premises and sily reject any objections on such registrations on the ground that the registration is valid one and any such objections could be raised only at the local courts and get settled.

There is a time limit fixed by the court under Land law that any objections could be filed within three years from the date of rightration and in our case at the stroke of II year we approached a lawyer and attempted to set aside the sale of the said property of our sister citing her mental feebleness and vulnerability due to her head injury followed by a prolonged medical treatment for her amnecia and depressive mental health conditions, the advocates of both the parties jointly played a foul play and helped the possessors to retain the property with them permanetly forgoing the legal possiblities till date. The legal systems are not victim centred and the moneyed and the politically backed up perpetrators on the women and their properties are enjoying the property and giving the utmost troubles and difficulties to the other partners also which are not expressible by the further victims of the same family. Because the life threats and sangers are following to the owners of the property by the underground aids of these perpetrators and all the doors of chances are closed to women in this land. Therefore a joint action group should work on the issues of women property rights under the constitution and recover the landed properties and civil properties and restore their rights over the same to them and a legal caretaker should be appointed to the vulnerable women and the interest in the properties of women should be safeguarded till the end of their lifetime.

Please voice for women and the restoration of civil and property rights of women in India for the judicial share of wealth and health for them.

Ms.Bgirathi Ramanathan

I am the ellder sisiter of my victims sister and we inherritted a very tiny piece of land from our maternal grand parents and managed to build a very small commercial building of 1600 saft.(approximately) on the given vacant land with the limited sources of funds which could be mobilised from our own family members and relatives some 22 years ago. During the period of construction due to a floor slip on the mosaic tiles she gained a head injury ( my younger sister who was a degree student studying in the local college at that time and she was 17 years then) which reflected on her neuro systems and made her a permanent patient and she could never come back from the illness and she was married to a Telecommunication engineer with the difficulties and she happily strated her matrimonial home far from her maternal home. she was managing her matrimonial home with the maternal family support and the cooperation of her husband for sometime till she delivered her first child, a male baby. since her post natal period she was sufferring with acute mental pains caused by her husband and the widowed mother inlaw and married sister-inlaw and every now and then she has been admitted in the hospital for ther depressive ailments and whenever she shows the reovery she is immediately set to harresments and threats of sending her back to her maternal home or separating from her child and her husband.

In Indian culture especiallay a conservative caste like ours the married women if they are sent to maternal home from the matrimonial home the cahnces are reunion of couples are seldom feeble and hence she was forced to lead a unhappy life at her matrimonial home for a longer years. In the mean time she delived the second child, a girl baby and she was not able to manage the household and resettle in any of her career fields and her sufferrings were mounted and this time the husband has taken the chance and utilised her vulnerablity and feeble conditon and jointly moted a plan to relighush her rights of inherrited maternal property share against a huge sum of Rs.45/0 lakhs debt which he created deleberately and completed the task with the help of his co-brother,the real estate broker, the doctor psychaitrist and the hasty investors by under valuing the property on marker price and managed to get Rs.18 lakhs of which only the doumented value is Rs.9 lakhs.

The hasty investors who are also conservative and male chuvanists had paid the consideration amount in the hands of the husband of the property owner as their sentiments and at this point only the real rights of the women and property has been grabbed by the male partners. Once the empowerment on the consideration amount was set by the male partner, the husband of the property owner, he has taken the entire money and invested on his name and partly by his sister's name and developed properties elsewhere in binami and other ways.

Some of the collegues of the male perpetrator , say her husband, and other who have deleberately worked on the episode and cheated my innocent sister and once again forced to pay the entire debts through the widow and the aged mother's share of property. Today our aged mother is 73 year old and she is also suffering with oldage ailments and difficulties and living in solitude by paying the endless debts created by her son inlaw and the ananymous strangers.

The sufferring to my sister is exhalated due to the loss of her property and the discontinued source which was the only source supporting for her lifetime medical care was deprived by the acts and attitude of the male perpaetators and she attempted suicide on 4th of October, 2001. She was saved with a verygreat fight from the death and the post effect of her attempt further deteriorated her mental health damaging the brain cells and some part of the brain. she is not able to recall any of the sufferrings or any details related to her debts or business or studies and she simply lives within herown world and engaed in simple domestic works and caring the chiildren.

See my dear friends, the every minute pain which she undergoes is unbareable and we are unable to see her conditions at this state. I have taken a strong decision after the pathetic experience of my sisiter that I will protect the interest of women and their properties in this land and set a secured life for them in my land. I call every one of you to join me to voice for the restoration of the civil rights of women in my land and send the representations to the government of India and the supreme court of India to recover the life and property share of my sister by punishing the perpetrators who attempted on her life and property.

Calling for your joint voice Ms.Bagirathi Ramanathan - a voice of women for Women Solidarity organisation for restoration of civil and property rights of women in India from coimbatrore /India

I am working with a group of mentally sufferring women between the age of 18 and 55 years and they are attached to a home run by christian missioneries in my Town. The women group is well cared and protected under law. It is a free and partially paid home and the inmates most of them are from affrodable family background and able to pay the mess bill and boarding dues everymonth. During my regular counselling sessions I come to know that few women are deleberately deprived by the family members and chated over their share of landed properties. In one case where the lady inmate has a house property jointly registered on her and aged mother who were separated from the other children due to the reasons of mental difficulaties of the said woman, after the death of the aged mother removed the affected person to a home and her elder sister with her cunning attitude sold the house property and invested the entire amount in the business of her husband and abandoned the poor lady at the care giving home.

The elder sister who has looted the property of this innocent lady is the legal guardian for her and she never cared to meet her at periodical intervals which is a mandate for the family members of mentally sufferring persons, and even for holidays she has not been invited and this innocent girl tells to everybody that her sister will take her back home and she will continue to live with her own family members till the end.

see, my friends these are the deleberate attitude of the family members and the at any point of time the mentally weak and feeble persons especially women are deprived of their rights over the property and the land law could not protect them at their vulnerable conditions due to obvious reasons and at every point of time these innocent women are cheated either by the family members or the neibhours or the outsiders who are not at all interested in these persons and their welfare.

In manority of cases the women who are mentally sufferring are not given proper medical care or family support and they are vulnerable for any of violations on hman rights on them. Therefore my concern goes for them and I am voicing for the protection of their interest in civil and property rights, which will support for their sustained life under the sky.

Please join me and voice for their fundamental rights under the sky

A voice for women, Ms.Bagirathi Ramanathan,coimbatore in India