An open space for the women of Kashmir, India, and Pakistan

Bagirathi Ramanathan
Posted February 14, 2009 from India

The women of Kashmir in India and Pakistan need a open space in the society which is not achieved till date. Kashmir a beautiful valley and a part of India is blessed with beautiful women and their children, a closed life and living with the nature as part of their normal life.

The valley today is seen with frequent war and blood shed due to the continued war between the terrorist and ethnic groups and everyday a large number of men, women and the children are killed in the eventualities. The war condition is not new to the young women and the children of yester years in this valley and these victims are not able to study and aim for any vocation for their economic sustainability as the entire region depends on income generated from tourism and agro based trades besides selling handicrafts created by the women at local levels.

There is no industrial activity or new vocational lines available in front of these women and they are very much frustrated in their way of any achievement in their social or economic or cultural life. The phobia and the fear created due to the continued unrest and local wars in this region and the atrocities on the local public including women and children are very much affected the life of the local communities and it is a big question in front of the people on their bleak future and the life especially of women and school girls are definitely affected during these years.

Earlier some anti social groups were working for the claim of Kashmir region for the local ethnic settlers and now the terrorist outfits work on various unknown motives and ultimately the result is “ total unrest” in the Kashmir valley region.

Now the social priority is the ethnic war and continued conflicts since a decade and there is no open space for the women of Kashmir, India, and Pakistan due to the religious and conservative ideas enforced on them and there is no life beyond the home and many a times the women live in dark.

I am living in the southern part of India in Tamil Nadu and from my travel experience and the information gained from the media and other sources I could give the above note. I am sure that the women have no open space in the social or economical or any sphere of their life.

The present time is very much gloomy and women of this region are not able to come out of any decisions for their freedom in life as they are kept under social pressure by the outfits and terrorist groups in general.

with regards sincerely Ms.Bagirathi Ramanathan a voice for women from Coimbatore in India

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  • Rozina Jumani
    Feb 16, 2009
    Feb 16, 2009

    Dear Bagirathi,

    With all truth that has been shared, it is important to understand whether women in those areas or elsewhere possess a willingness to come out of that social pressure that bother them or they have already submitted to it. My experience working for a short while in Afghanistan (also similar rather worse context) was clearly evident that women there had accepted their submissive role then no one could help them except THEY THEMSELVES would enlighten their journey of life.There is a dire need to have intrinsic motivation to ask for their right and once given exercise that right or power too.

    I wonder whether are we thinking of involving their men for this journey for liberation....... reflection!!!

    Rozina Jumani