Dear Friends

women with mental illness cases are increasing and at alarming rate in India especially in Tamil nadu. The mental illness affect the women as individuals, family component and a member of the society. women health including their mental health is an interensic factor of their life and any part of their one can be affected with one or more types of mental difficulaties and illness and women are also not an exceptional to this status. good metnal health is very very important for a women and for her wellbeing and society is much reluctant or neglegent in women and their mental health issues. Domestic violence is one of the major contributing factor for women and their mental illhealth and mental illness and the said PWDVAct, 2005 is not used as it aimed and the police is verymuch at a distance for any immediate help to women sufferring with acute domestic violence in Tamil nadu. Every subdivision and has atleast one All WOmen Police station managed by women Police and there is a counseling centre, women help line attached to it is available but most of the times the highly corrupted Police officials are neglegent or conducting the counseling sessions to brake the family ties of women or make the issue vulnerable for the separation of the couple and pave the way to go the children deserted. Most of the times the women are further victimised by the Police by widening the gap between the couples and attempt of damage on the matrimonial contract. Women are more family centred and under such separated setting they are prone to acute mental stress leading to mental illness and some times mental shocks leading to mental disorder to these women. It is a delberate act and attitude of the people and the Police some times the family courts also vicitmise the innocent women by expartae orders issued in favour of the male partners and emotionally victimise the women.

Both community-based studies and studies of treatment seekers indicate that women are, on average, two to three times at greater risk affected by CMD. Similarly, in the case SMD men and women are equally affected by schizophrenia, there have been some differences in their manifestation, course and outcome. Women have also been an insidious onset with passivity and social withdrawal (Thar and Patel, 2004). The women with head and brain injuries also prone to one or different types of mental illness and there is no protective ways available for vulnerable group over their properties and civil rights in India. The advocate counsels delaing with the porperty issues of the mentally ill persons, especially in cases where the property shares of the mentally ill or sufferring women due to the reasons collied with each other and try to retain the purchased properties of the ill persons and create further litigations or encumbrances over the same and on the other hand instigate the hasty investors to attack the ill person and the members of her family with unlawful methods and try to drag on the civil suits in the courts till the due period for the appeal to the women victim is over. The given period for appeal for civil suits is only 3 years and no natural court in this country is so effective or fast in dealing with the civil suits of the women or mentally sufferring women and get justice to them during the life time. The life time of mentally sufferring persons are shorter than the normal persons and atleast half of their life time is spent for resolving the dispute and recover the properties and their chance to enjoy the property is less due to the gaps in the statutory laws related to properties and rights.

The family cooperation for the mentally ill women towards their treatement and care is verymuch negligent and less. In most of the cases the family members are the primary perpetrators on the women with mental sufferrings and over their properties. The dowry system in Indian marriages help the women to have an absolute share in thier family properties and most of the women are forced to lose their rights due to a deleberate emotional and mental sufferring given to them. They have been given food poison or sometimes with black majic and deleberate insults and damages making their mind to go vulnerable and weak in the situations of grabing thier properties by the maternal family members like brothers, sisterin-laws some times by the own parents.

Also there is no speedy action or availability of any human rights forum available for women victims who lost their rights of properperties due to the vindictive acts and attitude of the strangers, the psychiatrists who are associated for medical care for the mentally ill persons, the court clerks, the advocates, the hasty investors, the real estate brokers and any other persons who are in the close proximity with the victim and their properties are the first line offenders and nautral courts and the jurisdiction courts are highly corrupted and issue permanent injenctions in favour of the opposite parties and deprive the real justice to them.

The first and foremost human rights violation starts at the point of communication of notices served to the parties and most of time the notices are not served physically but accounted as if it is served by way of bribing the post man and with out delivering the court notice or orders and damaging at the point of post offices. The second point of deprivation at the courts by adjorning the cases and dragging them for a longer periods. There are number of pit falls and gaps in the law and accessibilty to law to these women and hence the world community should start working for the easy accessiblity of law and justice of mentally ill women and to protect their civil and property rights. In case of unlawful alenation of the property shares of the mentally sufferring women, then all the courts invariably order for the restoration of the rights to the said victims and penalise the investors and the buyers of such properties and make them to pay a heavy compensation to the metnally sufferring persons, the victims.

There is a sudden increase in real estate business and in Tamil Nadu especially the local real estate brokers and hasty investors are the first line perpetrators jointly with the registration authorities who are government officials, involve in manupulation of documents, evading the due registration fee to the government, violating all sorts of rules and regulations of registration of documents, corruption, unethical trade practices etc. etc. and the ultimate women property holders, especially the innocent and mentally sufferring women are cheated by these persons and losing thier civil rights without their knowleged.

Proerty and civil rights over the properties are one of the main sources of income, security and supports for the prolonged medical care and lively hood of these vulnerable group of women and in some states of this country the women property holders are deleberately made mentally ill and sent to the metal asylum homes run by the religious institutions or abandoned on the National highway road or some times entrusted with the on way lorry drivers to throw the women on the highway side water tanks alive or after murdering them.

IT is a very patheritc and painful experience of mentally ill persons especially women with properties and a voice is to be raised on behalf of such victims and please join me to fight for the restoration of civil and property rights of mentally sufferring and ill women of the world.