Posted August 9, 2013 from Democratic Republic of the Congo
By drc Osodi DRCongo / South Kivu nature of congo

The purpose of the Congo is attributed to the traditional hospitality of its people, its flora natural resources, fauna, and rapid fall of rivers volcanoes and minerals. Cultural resources, works of art, musical, historical monuments is the drc is of particular interest in global tourism. National parks, visitor centers, the mining regions of Kivu and Katanga, industries, etc. Protection requires an effort of all the tribes of the ground floor are a 5oo and 450 dialects. (Bantu 2/3 of the Congolese population 8%. Sudanese, the pygmies, the Nile, the language diversity, growth demographics very high, rehabilitation of roads, house, dam, and many operate in Congo The door is open to any organization, individual to come work in Congo Emmanuel Balagizi For Osodi congo executive secretary

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