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Posted June 28, 2014 from Democratic Republic of the Congo

Charity under the name: Hope for Orphans – Congo!

I had the privilege of going to the village of Kikamata at the end of August 2012 to see the orphanage and meet the children – who now numbered fourteen – and their caregivers. To see the happy faces of the children and to hear the welcome song they sang for me touched my heart. When I left the village they sang me another song, about the Lord watching over me in the plane ride back to Canada! To be just an ordinary man and experience those moments reminds me that when ordinary people work together great things can be done that can truly change the lives of others forever!

In January 2013 the number of children at the orphanage reached twenty-four. Additional requests were made to take more orphans from surrounding villages but they had to say no. Twenty-four is the maximum number of children we can care for, limited by space and the number of beds. As I see the needs firsthand it makes me want to lift my voice louder for the many children in Congo that still need someone to help them! They are making plans to build a second dorm, as funds allow.

The people in Congo see the suffering and the needs of the children but often can do little to help. Once orphaned children reach school age, even if they have been taken in and fed by a relative or neighbour, they know that education for them is only a dream! People have to pay for their own schooling there and that cost is too high for many families to even send their own children. Without help from others like you and I most orphaned children will never receive any formal education. Through on-going donations and fundraising we are able to pay for the twenty-four children at the orphanage to not only be fed and clothed, but also to get an education.

Not everyone will have the opportunity to visit a village in the jungles of Africa, but all of us have opportunities that arise where we can help others. When we choose to do something together, great things will be accomplished! Whatever you do, don’t skip your coffee breaks; you never know where they may take you

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