About Me: Omolara is a young African woman. As in the meaning of my name, the joy of motherhood is most expressed over the wellbeing of children and relatives. As a Peace practitioner by Profession, I have worked considerably in area of peacebuilding, conflict prevetion and management and gender mainstreaming in peaceprocesses. I am of a lofty view that African women will become the SHEroes who will salvage the continent out of the shackles and manacles of deadly conflicts in the nearest future. The compassion of motherhood and the demise of loved ones has awaken our women out of their long years of slumber. The moment has come for women's voice to heard aloud. It is my dream! It is my hope!! It is my Fight!!! because I BELIEVE IN THE POWER IN THE VOICE OF WOMEN.

My Passions: I strongly desire to see African women becoming SHEROES of thier generation with aloud voice of IMPACT

My Challenges: The enthreched PATRIARCHAL SYSTEM that has silenced African women for several decades, and lack of cooperation from our men to co-opt women into governance processes

My Vision for the Future: To one day live in a balanced African Society where there is love, harmony, equality and abundance

My Areas of Expertise: Conflict management/prevention, Peacebuilding, Gender mainstreaming in Conflict transformation, peace processes e.t.c

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