About Me: was a civil engineer on weekdays, and a gypsy on weekends.

she has though decided to end the 9-6 grind routine and pursue her real passion. she's now taking a gap year, so she says to the world, she is just taking her sweet time smelling the flowers, but she'd definitely be back with much gusto!

a surfer. diver. runner. swimmer. biker. zipper. wakeboarder. singer. closet salsa dancer. book lover. a random writer. and everything in between! making her theorize that her energy can only be matched up by a tropical country. she is made for the great outdoors!

she likes undusting her backpack. but she has given up her swift backpacking dream. she's learned to travel slow and thus made the nomad in her appreciate more the beauty in each place, in each adventure.

she attempts to keep her dry humour to her inner circle only but she fails ultimately, her inherent gift of sarcasm rolls naturally.

she collects sunrises and sunsets. she fancies too the anonymity of moonlit nights. but lately though she is developing this addiction to stargazing on a clear night especially whilst lying on a beach. she's amazed how the skies change each night and how it can transform a rather mundane night to a splendid evening! :-)

from time to time she is confronted with bleak and dark moments (apart from her day to day mishaps). she is indeed though a happy spirit and that she could just blink to it twice in no time at all then share the positive vibe once more.

so if you won’t mind she invites you to chill with her… http://banggigay.wordpress.com

in there she said, it is brighter than sunshine! ;-)

My Passions: exploring the world, understanding cultures, embracing differences, celebrating life

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Hello Banggigay,

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If you have questions, feel free to contact me and I will help you make the most of PulseWire.

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