Quite a few things have brought me excitement and a sense of purpose in my life. The recent call I received informing me that I have been selected to serve as one of 20 or so women who will become Editorial Midwives for Voices of Our future definitely falls into this category. I feel even more privileged and blessed since there were 575 female applicants from 84 countries wanting to be a part of this great venture. This is an honor which I do not take lightly. It gives me an opportunity to work with enterprising women from around the world using their voices for change. These women are willing to work in often extremely difficult situations and circumstances to make their voices heard. It is commendable. There is no doubt in my mind that these correspondents shall be in the forefront of helping transform our world positively. I am prepared to work hard to help them realize their goals and aspirations as they help change the world one tiny space at a time since it takes tiny drops of water to form a mighty ocean. Their stories, ideas and voices will definitely echo loudly for all to hear. I cannot wait to get started!

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Hello Kindly receive my sincere welcome to Pulse,being a nurse-midwife ,I find that we will have a lot to share.And I think many of the women writers will share to you inspiring experiences worth learning lessons from.I look forward to your articles. Thank you and Congratulations once again

Lucia Buyanza Nurse-Midwife Clinical Instructor

As an African woman who grew up most of her life in Liberia before coming to the United States, the plight of women in Africa and other parts of the world is not lost on me. I am indeed expecting to learn a lot from the women I shall interact with while serving as an Editorial Midwife and hopefully share my stories and experiences with them in both my personal and journalistic work. I highly appreciate your words of encouragement and I urge you to continue your work and dedication in improving health care in Kenya and especially women health concerns.