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CAMEROON: Mama Hates My Sprouting Breasts

Oh, my Shekina, thank you for your willingness to bring this horrible situation to our awareness. I will mention it on my web site at my next update.

As some of those who have responded to you have mentioned - this is so incredibly sad on so many levels. For the poor young women themselves, at the very time when their bodies are changing and they need the caring support for becoming the beautiful, strong women they can become, they are victimized by their own mothers. Their scars will be deep on their body, and in their soul.

And for the mothers, whose motivation may be to protect her child from what they perceive as a greater threat, we have to wonder what scars they, too, will carry. Clearly, they do not feel strong enough to listen to their own deep wisdom and to stand up to this devastating but acceptable practice that damages their own daughters.

And to you - our THANKS for your own strength and courage and caring. Your willingness to increase your skills and step into your personal power as a leader is making our world a better world for all. One of the most powerful ways we can create a future that is good for all, is through telling the stories of women and girls - stories of their suffering, and stories of their powerful impact for good.

I recently read about women in shanty towns in Brazil who are working to bring peace in some of the poorest areas where violence, shooting and drug gangs are the norm. You may want to read about it: As you say, we must seek solidarity of women around the globe visioning and working to create a world where women are safe and able to contribute their many gifts!

Barbara Faculty, Antioch University Seattle