About Me: I met and married my wonderful husband of 12 years, from Udate dating online dating service. I'm a mother of five children, grandmother of 12 children and great grandmother of 3 little boys. I am a minister and women of God that tries to live according to his word. I am a genuine lover people, you can call me a people person. I care about people and what happens to them. In being a child of God for 51 years, it means I will help a friend in need and in deed, If I can. I can be your friend, you confidant, your listening ear and your encourager and up lifter that inspires people to go the next mile. M y joy and happiness is bringing joy to someone else life. God has blessed me with multiple gifts and talents such as writing, I'm a published author, and a hand made jewelry maker and an artist. I love to cook, I started cooking at 7 years old and I invent my own recipes. My outward appearance is constantly changing but my heart always remain the same. What you see in me, is exactly what you get. I must tell you that I can be very controversial on issues like abortion and other issues involving children but I am an advocate for babies and children.

My Passions: God, people,writing and cooking.

My Challenges: Time and sometimes procrastination.

My Vision for the Future: To write inspirational books thats good for the spiritual souls.

My Areas of Expertise: wrting, cooking, bringing people to God and jewelry making.

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Thank you very much Fatima, I appreciate your welcome and hope to meet many new people and friends just like you. Well keep in touch. May God bless you and yours. Beanni

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