For us, as women, much of the world we live in represents the masculine energy of our leaders, rulers, family members. At times it seems that the feminine energy, views, perspectives, connections are shrinking. Much of the work women leaders do, whether in government, business, community or families , is to bring that feminine energy to balance the world we live in. It is not about feminine being better then masculine, it is about balance in our world.

Several years ago , I was leading a women's leadership program in a very male domininated environment. Many of the women who had survived in the early days were very masculine in their leadership style. They were not bringing the diversity that was so very much needed. One of my dreams was to hold a forum for our women leaders , where emerging female leaders would come together as community. We accomplished this goal and the energy of the gathering was amazing, unprecedented and changed the organziation forever. At the second annual forum, we engaged a dynamic , spiritual woman who brought us her african american culture as a moderater. She created a song for us and brought music to our gathering that many in the group had never experienced. One of the profound learnings for me came during a song where she asked us to hold hands and experience the music as a community, even repeat the words she was sharing which were in an african dialect. I will always remember this experience with sadness. I looked around the room and realized how many women were uncomfortable taking each others hand. Our profession called for intense hours, work, and trust in each other and yet many were embarrassed to take anothers hand. Following the event the feedback was intense and polarized. Many women to this day will tell me it was one of the most profound experiences they had ever had. Others were livid. One leader told me that she "never wanted to attend an event where we would engage in female behavior. What if a man walked in? I learned in the process that as women we often submerge who we are. Many of us in the organization had become ashamed of things feminine. I remain convinced that regular connection with our feminine soul is essential for our well being as well as the well being of our planet.



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To engage in a masculine profession leads many women to feel that they must ignore their feminist self. Thank you for holding your gender near and dear to your heart. We, as an international community as a whole, need more women like you, women that interact with one another and feel one another not only on a physical sphere, but a mental and emotional one as well. I hope you use pulsewire to educate women around the world about business and the politics within business, because I know so many women that could benefit from your expertise.

Thank You Carri- there are so many senior female leaders with resources to share with organizations like World Pulse- in my experience they first need to reconnect with who they are before they can engage in these efforts- this is a powerful force to be unleashed globally...


It sounds like you're changing the world with it. That quote about "engaging in female behavior" is both unbelievable and all too believable. And sad. I'm glad you're speaking out against a culture that would seek to destroy or hide the feminine.

Thanks Kim- I agree with you and there were many days I was sad after this experience but I remind myself that the intensity of their reaction is part of the process. I really believe that we need to reconnect with this " feminine behavior" to rebalance the world's priorities