Women and Sustainable Development using tourism as a tool to eradicate poverty at the grass root level.

Philadelphia Safaris is a unique tour company whose special programmes are to advocate for women on the pro-poor subject and advocating for poverty in the tourism agenda.

Philadelphia Safaris seeks to address pro-poor tourism deeply in this

era. Evidence shows that growth alone is not sufficient to stop the

marginalization of Africa and to improve the standards of living of

its inhabitants. What is necessary for poverty reduction

is a strategy of pro-poor growth in which economic growth is

combined with reductions in inequality.

From the analysis of the tourism industry and through the evidence

shown by case studies conducted by various institutions in the last

few years, it seems clear that tourism has great potentialities for

poverty reduction purposes.

As an industry, it is labor-intensive; it is less vulnerable than

traditional sectors; it is noncyclical; it has a catalytic effect on the

rest of the economy; it has lower barriers to entry and creates

better and more gender concerned jobs than most sectors. More

important: being built on natural and cultural assets and consumed

onsite, it can reach the poor in rural areas where poverty is harsher.

Philadelphia Safaris desires to fully assess the potentialities of

tourism for pro-poor growth and focusing on people’s livelihoods,

the issues of distribution, and how poverty concerns could be

embedded into mainstream tourism policy making.



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This is a Wonderful thing to think about ; tourism and hosehold empowerment-the tricle down is great idea. it is not just tourism and the economyof the country. I hope local tourism could also be promoted towards local household empowerment!!!

EK Chemorion