When I connected with Lynne Healy through pulse wire, little did I know that our connection will grow as fast and fruitful as it is today! Since then Lynne and I have shared a lot of ideas, experiences. Her advices have been very helpful especially in designing start up programs for Teen Empowerment Uganda (TEU) which is just starting. One of the programmes we have designed is called, “THIS IS ME! Programme. This programme is based around the creation of a book by each teenage. The books were made from scrap paper where each teen recorded their thoughts about who they are or what they want to be, what they want their friends to say about them, their dreams and what can prevent them from achieving them….! This program is like a needs assessment that can help us design relevant programs that address the real concerns of the teens. Besides it’s highly interactive and participatory for teens.

So far, I have piloted it in one school with 1fifteen teenagers and it has registered huge success! The kids love it and the school is already requesting if I can increase on the number of kids on the program. Getting this positive feedback is overwhelming! However I have to conduct the same program in three other schools before making a final evaluation of the findings to determine our programs! Unfortunately, this may take a while as many schools are busy with end of year exams! But we are not in a hurry, we’ll wait. I’m grateful to Lynne for the support and advice. She is a wonderful coach! And thanks to pulse wire for enabling us to connect! 

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Hey its so good to hear that! And the idea is also great, the way you took the issue with the new approach, really. It proves that one should always work in the need based approach to find out the right approach for development.

wish u all the best.


Nilima from Nepal

Dear Betty,

I find your programme is really inspiring for our work. The organisation where i'm working right now is a child focus organisation and i think your programme would be a good reference for us to have other form of child participation approach.

Thank you for sharing and i will definitely share this to our Child Participation Specialist and see if we could do this in our area development programmes across the country.

Warmest regards, maureen (Indonesia)

This is really wonderful. Keep up ur good work and keep us posted. There may be many women out there on Pulsewire who might like to join in or emulate this in their own places.


With best wishes, 

Nusrat Ara

WorldPulse Community Champion 

Environment Group