Betty Makoni latest poem ignites Zimfest in London

Betty Makoni
Posted August 9, 2012 from United Kingdom
Zimfest Festival -London 18 August
Zimfest Festival -London 18 August
Zimfest Festival -London 18 August (1/1)

-Excitement is in the air for 18 August

Betty Makoni and her Charity Girl Child Network Worldwide have been welcomed to attend Zimfest and showcase their work. Betty Makoni will be signing her Autobiography, Never Again, Not to any woman or girl again. Zimfest will donate five pounds if you purchase your ticket here

Betty Makoni being the renowned poet that she is, has released her latest piece to ignite excitement building up for Zimfest. In the poem she takes ahahiya patapa from an old song. For sure all roads lead to Zimfest on 18 and 19 August. Let this poem take you to Zimfest

The Zimfest, Zimbabwe spirit of celebrating in the air

(Poem by Betty Makoni for Zimfest 2012)

I can hear the drum beat The spirit of our great ancestors Swiftly through the mighty Zambezi I can feel the chattering of waters The sound that deepens into a silent sound I can hear whispers across oceans That finally all waters of Zambezi flowing Joining end to end to African rivers, lakes and oceans With a deep silence to open floods of all nations To one Zimfestival, to a feast in London I can see the Zimfestival –ihiya patapata

Like in the early morning, wake up cockerel clock In our small Zimbabwe village Now in London global village A cockerel sound in the air –kokorigorigo A sound to call you to come to celebrate this diversity The spirit of Zimbabwe and Africa in one The first sound beat signalling the feast is ready Dance festival starting with Eat festival Kokorigorigo the nature given wake up clock To a Zimbabwe festival of festivals I can see ihiya patapata to Zimbabwe festival The spirit of celebration, greeting, laughing and eating The peace and tranquillity for a peaceful people Zimfest, Zimbabwe spirit of celebrating

I can see the feast of feasts opening Sweeping across London with spirit of Zim sadza Eat festival –traditional food firming our dance I can hear the ululation of women I can see the clapping after Jerusarema dance I can see their bodies freed into the air In unison the traditional regalia letting go Their African dresses flying high in air Like the peace, the celebration The Zimfest-The Zimbabwe festival

I can hear men stabbing their feet One, two, three, paaa, the clap of a dancer Leg in, leg out, both in now with hands tight This is Zimfest- Zimbabwe Festival After this dance of Mbakumba and muchongoyo This is the true feast of Dzimba Dzemabwe Great Zimbabwe built of granite stone Never fell, not fall and will never fall The London festival joining city to city Joining Africa to Africans Joining Europe to Africa and Africa to Zimbabwe

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  • Pushpa Achanta
    Aug 09, 2012
    Aug 09, 2012

    Dear sister,

    Thanks for writing, sharing and being.

    Love, Pushpa

  • Wendy Stebbins
    Aug 14, 2012
    Aug 14, 2012

    Hi ,

    Cngrats. Love the poem. I have a small NGO I AM ONE IN A MILLION in Livingstone, Zambia so I am your neightbor! In fact I head back there August 29th. Work with street orphans and vulnerable children and seal roofs of huts so the waters do not rush into the local huts and make the people suffer.

    I ahve no money to give but I send you my love, my prayers and my respect.

    Ubuntu (I am who I am because of who we are together)


  • Betty Makoni
    Aug 14, 2012
    Aug 14, 2012

    Wendy Thanks so much much for the great work you are doing. Yes we are neighbours by borders but here we are permanent neighbours on cyberspace where we are all spending more time now One of these days lets skype. I have ideas to bring our little resources together Regards Betty

  • Wendy Stebbins
    Aug 14, 2012
    Aug 14, 2012

    So wonderful to hear from you, Betty.

    You will appreciate this. I am in Chicago and just got a call from my driver of many years, Aaron. We were making final arrangements for Beverly(a street orphan boy) to practice driving.

    3 of my street orphans were not smart enough to go above 9th grade. You know what I mean without explanation, I think. But they are in abject poverty and always would be.

    BUT...I came up with the idea that if I put them through taxi school, they could at least get above the poverty level. S, I did. They went to taxi school for 30 days then they did not pass the written test because they missed multiple choice questions. So, they went and did piecework so they themselves could earn their own money to retake the medical exam which is a requirement. Then they studied and passed the first part.

    Then they failed the driving part because of no experience. So, I suggested I pay my driver Aaron to drive a lot with them for the experience. So,he just called me from Livingstone, Zambia to confirm it. Isn't that great.

    Beverly (a guy) wants to actually be a tour guide which he will make good tips at because of his looks and personality.

    I told them that if they get one year's full time taxi driver experience with a company that I will buy a taxi so they will get more money. So, that is the way it is today.

    Keep up the good work. I get very discouraged so really appreciate your enccouragement.