Zimbabwean Women Break Silence on Alleged Pastor Rapist in UK-Betty Makoni Radio Show

Betty Makoni
Posted September 16, 2012 from United Kingdom

Betty Makoni Radio show on Zimpowerfm every Sunday 6 pm UK time- A woman or girl is breaking silence on abuse and getting empowered to move forward. Today women from Zimbabwe who were allegedly raped by their Pastor break silence via internet radio, seek healing and warn other women they are fully aware that law will never be on their side because n evidence was preserved to support their allegations. Rapist was too cunning t target married women he knows will find this subject a taboo. Speaking out and raising awareness is prevention of this happening to others.

Breaking silence on rape if you are a married woman is like trying to break a piece of iron with your hand. It is hard and impossible. And yet abuses of women and girls by some Pastors in churches is a reality. Women who go to such churches are spiritually desperate, looking for an answer for every tragedy that befall them , asylum, failing marriage , good job and many times children who are impossible to look after. It is always the woman to be blamed and she is stretched too far to think what solution for what problem and so many turn to churches. They are looking for answers to some challenges they face. Always they are told they are the wrong and they must do something and if it is a husband cheating they must pay for lessons to be taught how to please him in bed or they must have sex with the Pastor to put strong powers to bring him back home. If you have never been persecuted by a cruel husband in the home you will not get it.

The women who will break silence on alleged sexual abuse by a Pastor on my radio show, went to the surgery with trust and hope the Pastor is a man of God and so do thousands of poor women following wives of Pastors preaching pornographic gospel to women to be hot in sex so as to keep their husbands . Lets not be quick to think the women are foolish else all of us who go to different churches fall under the same categories. The women are vulnerable and desperate. They take any blame and they lose even their hard earned cash to these bogus preachers and pastors.

One of the women emailed to me to break silence said she acted out of trust when she went to the Pastor`s surgery for treatment. She did not know it is in fact a place where women get raped.By going to the surgery of this Pastor, they did not know he would use his male sexual organ to treat their marital problems. He calls one woman at a time into a private room. With the woman who will testify today he inserted his fingure all the way into her uterus and started masturbating on himself. He washed off his hands to clear evidence. He knew she would not report because that meant her husband would know and then he would reject her for opening up. With another young woman he allegedly raped her and she fell pregnant. She is still his sex slave and he has refused to take a birth certificate. Many other married women cannot open up because that will be the end of their marriages. So he is quite cunning. He knows married women would rather keep silent than face beatings and divorces from their husbands.

Such cases have not been easy to bring ot the police because evidence that is so often wanted for prosecution is destroyed due to late reporting by the women.

All they can do now is to help educate other women in communities about this Pastor and his sexual abuse tactics which have mentally enslaved them. The good part of our internet radio is that a woman speaks out but her face and identity is protected from the public. At the end of the day we want to stop the abuse happening to other women and girls.

Today at 6pm UK time women will break silence and get a team of experts helping out. Zimpwerfm where Betty Makni hosts an empowerment radio show for women and girls is a place to come fr it gives confidential counseling as well as raising awareness. This is time t break silence and heal. We cant have a world with traumatised women. So tune it zimpowerfm at 6pm UK

One would think churches always protect women and girls but reality is that here in UK, SOME sprouting especially African churches are doing more harm and taking advantage of desperate situations of domestic violence women find themselves. Even some Pastors ` wives are inciting violence by vulgar sermons that force church members to do female genital mutilation in order to please men in bed. Women like Mai Gunguwo are persecuting other women under guise of religion. The effects of their vulgar and pornographic sermons is that women are feeling as if they are to blame when something goes wrong in a marriage and so expose themselves to dangerous treatment methods by Pastors and other members of the church. The growing network of such healing where a woman gives her body for treatment or mutilation is worrying and a cause for concern.It is a new phenomenon that needs to be closely investigated and such bogus preachers severely punished, condemned and exposed.

Ending Gender-Based Violence 2012

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  • Wendy Stebbins
    Sep 16, 2012
    Sep 16, 2012

    Hi Betty,

    WOW !

    I just returned yesterday to Chicago USA from Livingstone, Zambia where I have an NGO" I AM ONE IN A MILLION" to help street orphans and just read your column. These women must trust you greatly to tell you. Thank you for informing us though I wish you did not have this to report. What courageous girls.

    I wonder if the same is going on in Zambia. I go back in November.

    Betty you are a gem among many.

    Ubuntu (I am who I am because of who we are together)


  • William
    Sep 19, 2012
    Sep 19, 2012

    Dear Betty, thank you for sharing what you have been told. It is hard for me to believe that men are taking advantage of women in this way, especially being a pastor. In the US this would be a criminal act, punishable by prison terms. Thank you for your work in protecting women from this type of abuse.

  • Muhammad Shahidy
    Sep 25, 2012
    Sep 25, 2012

    Dear Betty,

    It was so harrowing.

    Pastors and priests are the first people who promote and commit sexual assaults. They always misuse their role as religious leaders and commit such atrocities. Being vulnerable, women easily get abused and as you said the hard part is the lack of evidence. It's so hard to prove that one has been raped or assaulted. And on the other hand, the fear to be divorced, beaten, rejected, blamed and many more makes it even harder to raise your voice and fight against the violence. However, the thing is that people like you speak for them. Radio networks or other media means are so efficient in public awareness. Publishing posters, creating groups and councils or a cause to educate women on the types of threats that may by a huge possibility befall them is the other productive approach. We witnessed in Afghanistan the effects of posters that contain short messages, but meaningful.

    I will share your post and I hope the more we spread it, the more people we involve for your voice.

    Thanks and I am happy to see such brave women like you

  • Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi
    Oct 02, 2012
    Oct 02, 2012

    Dear Betty, Thank you for being so brave for all those women who are suffering in silence. First and foremost i stand in solidarity with you that those women whose rights are being violated should stand up and fight so that this comes to an end. Secondly i strongly suggest that there should be a lot of awareness creation so that women are more knowledgeable about their rights and once they have appreciated this then they will understand that most times it is not their fault when the marriage goes sour. There should be also more awareness creation on the churches and the kind of pastors that lead these churches. I strongly agree that to have a good case against such a pastor one needs strong evidence and you could think of planting a video either in his office or on one of th women so that he is captured in the act and this can presented in the courts of law. Otherwise thank you for the struggle and i am here to support you in case you need any further advice.

  • Kristen Hecht
    Oct 02, 2012
    Oct 02, 2012

    Dear Betty,

    Thank you for using your radio show to empower women. Your radio show sounds like a great tool to help heal, empower, and warn women. It is very alarming to hear that pastors are abusing their positions and abusing women who come to them seeking help. And it seems to be a very complex situation, in which women do not want to report the pastor due to repercussions that would ensue from their husband. I agree that the way forward is to educate other women. Thank you again for using your radio show to listen to women's stories, let them speak out, and educate others.