Is Christmas all about shopping? or is there something more to it?

Posted December 11, 2010 from Sweden

Hi my dear friends,

Christmas is on the way!! decorations are done, shopping has just begun, churches preparing for the evening masses, choristers singing in their best high and low pitches, children pleading their parents to buy their favourite toy, employees excited about their bonuses, students are relieved from hectic assignments, travellers checking on cheap flihgts and hotels for booking, lovers think of buying diamonds, chocolate to pamper on their loved one, employers are stressed to meet deadlines, christmas songs are playing in every corner of the street... It is a time of joy- to overload on sugar and be with your loved ones

On another street, children are making sand castles with the rotten mud, peering through glass windows aspiring to owe those beautful clothes, meals spread on the tables, making wishes in their payers to owe the toy they have been liking for two years, parents thinking of settling their telephone, electricity bills by taking credit from the neighbour. It is time of sadness or it is like any other other day..

I am studying away from home for nearly two and half years. My mother asked me to buy a new dress for christmas and attend the mass with all my friends.That's what I have been doing so far. Back home we use to have christmas parties for poor neighboorhood children. I really want to do something as that, but couldn't think of a plan.. However, I have decided not to buy any more dresses for christmas because I am going to make my dream come true. what is the point of having someone on front of your eyes go through misery and that hurts you more than a party you wish you had on campus. There is a slum school near my university and I have decided to share the joy of christmas with them. I am planning a fun filled christmas party for them. there will be musical chairs, tug or war, ballon games and many more to entertain those small children who have never recieved a present or even have played decent games with their friends. They are extremely poor and have never seen a party or heard of christmas. I am buying gifts from the money i have allocated to buy my chritmas dress. I believe god won't feel sad that I am not dressed in my best attire for chirstmas and that is not what he really wants me to do. That's how I feel.. Think for a second on all the money you put on buying clothes, jewellery and gifts for loved one. Making someone smile is one of the joyest things you can ever do. making three people smile multiply your joy even more. Why not do the same for this chritmas. If you are buying a dress for 30US try to buy a 10 US dollars one. You don't have to sacrifice the whole lot. Its all upto you how you want to speand all your money. is it merely for your happiness or for everyone else's benefit? You can celebrate chritmas the rest of your life, would you not want to give a chance to someone who had never dreamt of burning a chritmas log at her house, or get a suprise gift delivered at the door step to understand the true meaning of christmas. Think next time you go shopping to overload on sugar and satisfy all your needs and wants. No need of donations to organizations, or one year internship at a welfare centre in your community.. a small deed as such can make a large difference ..

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  • Usha K.C.
    Dec 17, 2010
    Dec 17, 2010

    Hi Bhagya, I do appriciate your great planning for shopping .Its reality, mostly we are just do think about our selves and neve give even a glance to those who always have been staring almost all the people with a pinch of hopes,,,.

    very great thought u have dear!for sure u will have lots of joy n smile when you share a small amount to others who really thirsty for that!!

    luv Usha