Bring Your Vision to Life through Jagriti - Things to Remember (Rajasthan) awareness Program

Bharti Singh Chauhan
Posted March 11, 2014 from India

Name : Bharti SIngh Chauhan Hi This is Bharti from Jaipur - Rajasthan - India. Every one is aware about Nirbhaya Rape case 2 years back which shattered the whole world. This was a time when i realized that Educating the world about the Vision to their life is missing and the need made me found PaveenLata Sansthan NGO at Rajasthan working for Child Welfare and there started Jagriti - Awareness Program for Adolscent Girls accross Rajasthan where we started moving to schools.communities & Society for educating the importance of education,Safety & Rights of the children to communit.In last 1 year 40 different activities organized touching base of 6000 Nos.

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