.Back 2 School, after 2 years Gap Sunil (13), Suman (11) & Saurabh (9) born and bought up in a family where father running a Punture shop and mother working as Beldar could not afford to send their children to school, When they were referre...d through one of our volunteer stating the children wish to continue studies but due to financial issues the children are moved to work across Sunil in cycle shop correcting tyres, suman working at homes as maid and Saurabh helping mother in her work. On knowing this the volunteer along with our member visited their place and managed to convience their family stating to provide education support and will work on their overall development. Today they are the beneficiaries of PraveenLata Sansthan although little back in studies as per their age but are continuing their studies successful and we are working on their overall development

Topic Education