Educate Girls, Educate Nation! Raise a Voice

Bharti Singh Chauhan
Posted December 15, 2014 from India

Why I take a Stand to Educate a Girl and always drive Girls Education. I have always heard in my community parents saying what will u do after schooling, at last you have to get married and go away at your inlaws House. WHen I move accross the slums, I find parents of my beneficiaries saying that instead of investing money on girls, If we invest money on boys they will help us in our old age, we are not financially sound and cant afford money to send girls to school at end she has to get married. The blocked mindset is like a big big barrier for me or womens working to be a part of change in the society, but who can gauranty that boys support but girls wont? If we see the world accross us we will find leading womens accross us than why there is a question Mark? that the untouched underprivieldged Girls cannot get the opportunity to go to school and is discriminated. SO here I give the reason why I fight for girls education

A quality education will help girls in a number of areas key to their development and personal growth, like:

• Decision making - A good education will make it possible for girls to make their own decisions and choices about things that affect their lives, like when to seek out healthcare, when to start a family, and what jobs to pursue. • Health – In some developing countries, girls suffer from poor nutrition and the illnesses and diseases associated with this. School-feeding programs often offer the guarantee of a nutritious meal every day, keeping girls healthy enough to stay in school and to concentrate on their studies. • Protection - In the longer term, secondary education can protect girls against HIV and AIDS, and sexual harassment. Girls will learn about their sexual health, their rights and receive an education relevant to their growing needs as adolescent girls. • Empowerment – it has been shown that educated girls are more likely speak out on issues affecting them and their families, to understand their rights and to be a force for change in their communities.

If you believe that Raising Voices really bring a positive change.Do share your views and ideas how we can work more together to be a part of change

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