Gender inequality has always being my concern even when I was very young. I was not allowed to play football for example. When I got to the polytechnic, I found out that in my class, out of 118 Electrical Engineering students, only 9 of us are female and it was the same when I went for my degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering and this has always been a concern.

My inspiration to fight for Women’s rights and speak out came from my father who always encourages me as a girl child to be independent and empowered. Since then, I have always look for avenue to make my voice heard most especially when it comes to gender inequality and access to education.

I came across Voices of Our Future online and I said to my self, this is an avenue to reach out in my own capacity and contribute to women’s empowerment through the use of web 2.0

I know the world is now a global village and the use of ICT media tools is very important in advocacy work. I have determined within me to use my ICT knowledge and also learn more about ICT for intervention purposes in Nigeria most especially when it comes to girl-child education.

So for me, Voices of Our Future is like a training ground and a source of empowerment on how to reach our goals and make our voice heard!

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Voices of Our Future Application: Your Journey and Vision.

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It is clearly very important for a leader today to develop an expert's understanding of how to use the internet and social networking platforms. Reading your story made me smile as it impressed me as having been written by someone developing strong capabilities.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently said the US foreign aid investment, " We invest in global health to promote social and economic progress, and to support the rise of capable partners who can help us solve regional and global problems. We have seen places where people who suffer from poor health struggle on many levels. Poverty is usually widespread. Infrastructure is usually incomplete. Food production and school enrollments are usually low. People who would otherwise take the lead in driving progress for their families and nations are instead dragged down by disease, deprivation, and lost opportunity.

This Web 2.0 platform can certainly contribute to the empowerment of women, and I want to encourage you to keep involved.

I really sensed your strength and vision in this piece and am inspired to think what you could achieve with social media tools. I wish you well.

Yours, Julie


Hi Bilkis

I think it is really important and commendable to use web 2.0 as a platform to raise the issue of girl's participation in education. I wish you much success.