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week four

In my vision, my community and the world at large, "the Real Win" when the men dominated world get to know what the woman feels over the radar screen…

week three

My challenges in such an impossible yet possible community among other things are , Religious believe,(doctine) adopted as way of life, Traditioal and cultural believes, lack of basis education and e…

week two assignment

I was born into a family where every thing work for me. Although I was given out to marriage at age nine, the agreement was that no advantage be taken on me until I attend the age of 16…

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Obisakin Busayo


Hello Busayo I appreciate you effort in setting up cafe for your community, as dividend of wire pulse. In as much as i commend your effort , a slot for the 6 zone of the country will make you a detribalized Nigeria. Wire Pulse is a global organisation, fishing finance to give global women the require training exposure/enlightment irrespective of tribe geo-location etc.which you are a beneficiary within the selection content of the region Nigeria, in global slot. Therefore benefit of such an encounter should be spared across the 36state and Abuja. imagine a wire pulse centralized in the first world. The North is backward, thats crystal clear, but how do you beef them up, if the South, keep dotting them aside? for any reason humanly made. Globalization is all about liberalization and unification of concern, Nigeria is part of the global community as such other part of Nigeria should ripe the benefit of globalization in Nigeria perspective. The election is almost through, what we left with now is to share the pains of women who lost their husbands and children to the election. I am of the strong believe the election experience is never religious or ethic, but selfish and greed for power to amass wealth. Otherwise both religion preaches restrain to taking life, being our brothers keeper and the oneness of God. materialism has turn Nigerians into wolf eating each others flash. Otherwise every mechanism to unit this entity call Nigeria to oneness is instituted, accepted and in full practice. No tribe today in Nigeria is independent of one religion, so so so why should religion be a deciding factor to only power sharing of process of attending power ie election, what about others unity we share?. So our leaders should not mess the situation and marry it to religion. As giant of Africa we should be aspiring to start giving citizenship to interested individuals with full right to our constitution to leave work and enjoy all rights enjoyed by Nigerian by birth. Its a shame if we pick up US visa lottery to getting green card, and in our Country we are divided by sentiment or ethnicity and religion. We should't allow our children's children to laugh at our reasoning. Remain vicious and high focus Bintu