Hello Friends The jouney of womanhood most time are enveloped with resentiment surrounding birth, with due respect to the first world, where the male child takes the first place and lord over both senior and junior girl child. This story is a true life event, which I witness from begining to date. My father is a senior public servant, so we live in a government quoters. I am the fouth in the family of five. My fathers friend whom we share great ties, happen to be a victim of menace of believe, culture, tradition and norms enterench in the Nothern society. Like my father, he happens to be among the generation of men who refuted and kick against the religation of the girl child, little does he know that he was destine to fall captive. He set up to give his children 8in number sound education irrespective of their gender, in line with his new found believe share by himself and my father. His elder daughter and my elder sister both late set out to be medical doctors. Two years into their college life in building foundation to the two friends dream career, traggedy strick, my sis friends father was summon one faithful morning by Community elder and instructed to pull out his daughter from college, for the purpose of marriage. In my community it is a taboo to allow a girl had her first bleeding in the parent house. Bend on his believe and love for his first daughter, he refutated the threat of suspension and allow the daughter to continue her studies at the college along with my sister(elder) . Presure mounted on this poor man, and he had a sudden change of idea to all for peace to rein. My father was annoyed but could say nothing. After all he may be the next to receive such threat.A suitor was arranged. The father then send for his daughter home, and informed her of the development. Disappointed by the fathers indecision, mildness, she made up her mine to rather run away with a boyfriend than wait to be married out to an old man. Unknowing to her, the father was working in collabration with her step mothers, she confinded on the junior wife, about her age of the intention to run away. The junior wife informed her husband of his daughters plan, thus is trying to keep up with the tradition, or in fear of ex comminication from the community circle, he ambush and stab the girl with knife, which led to her death., and was sentence to life term This family was thrown into delima. No bread winner, bills to pays. The junior wife took to her heel. The senior wife who have 7out of the 8children, with one female daughter whoes mother was thrown out when she was bearlsix months, was faced with the responsibilities of these 6 children plus one. The one was apparently, being a female 9years old and was thrown to the street to sale everything prepared for sale. the boys who were older than the 9year old assumed lordship on their fathers house, thus could not help out. Deprived from contunity in purse of education, she became the scrificial lamb. two years later at 11years she had a child. A year later had another child. Neibours waged into this and the girl fly to tin air for 10years. She return home, having lost the two children to circumstance, and threw out by a man , she returned home, only to discovered that in her absence, the two daughter were used same way by the four male children. They both have two children each to their credit. She meet the mother sick, with no body to foot her bills. She took it up three months later the woman died. Left with four young children, she started all over again. Although this time alot wiser. She enrolled into extra moral classes and got a pass to University. while she was training her self, she foot the bills of others brothers and sisters and kept the house running. It became obvious that she couldnt cope, thus got married to an adverage wealthy man, looking for support. she succeeded and got all her brothers train up to University. Midway her father was release to add more salt to injury. She push and push until she was thrown out the second and third time out of marriage. she collected the devident of the marriage and moved on. She kept the flag flying until this faithful day, she needed support from these half brothers to train her children. The brother disclaimed her and claimed to know nothing about sharing parternity, with them and the legitimacy of her birth. She became depressed but with the mother of struggle she went through, she picked her pieces and moved on. She is a Director today. I am well in contact with her, and had informed her of my intention to share her experience with the web 2.0. The question now is, who is to blame. Would she had refuse to do what she did? Was she doing what she did out of of fear or some thing? why should a woman threw such baby into the street when she is equally a woman? what gave right for the male to treat this three girls in like minner? this is what she want to deduct from these factful event of her life. She unfolded that she sleeps 2hours daily from age 9 to 35 to keep with the pace. Thank you

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This is an incredible story, thank you for sharing and being her voice. I will be considering your questions. It is so important that she found the strength to pick up the pieces, to move on and find her voice.

"One shoe can change a life" ~ Cinderella