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Bonnie Stone
Posted March 4, 2009 from United States
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Well, I think I have decided against Islam and have gone in favor of spirituality instead. I am just not the religious type of person, but my eyes have been opened-they really have. That being said, I am moving on with my life and my magazine and my writing. The submissions for issue four have begun coming in and my inspiration for writing things myself has increased as today while at the Evil Empire I saw a disease of books geared towards girls all about entering "cliques" and having the correct clothing and wearing makeup etc. I was horrified to say the very least, and I stood there with my mouth hanging open in disgust and was even heard by complete strangers to mutter incomprehensibly

"this is outrageous...what the f-good grief! I just..."

That made my mission with the publishing business clear.

I've decided to forget the traditional publishing cycle and begin publishing my own work myself, and even go on to publish other authors at some point. All with a feminist lean, of course. I am sick and tired of seeing scantily clad women selling beer and sports to men, and shallow, fashion diva, man centered women selling gender roles to our young women. I will not have any more of it.

With my publishing company-bikini armor is out. Sorceresses with long, flowing sleeves attached to band aid sized pieces of cloth across their nipples are out. Women who start out as strong, fend for themselves characters and become suddenly helpless and need a man's assistance in the end only to die confessing their eternal love and gratitude to said man are out. Super women awaking from cryogenic sleep only to run across the city in gauze bandages only covering the parts that count are out. Women with impossibly large breasts for the size of their waists and hips are out. All male casts who objectify women for sex and "homey things" are out.

This does not mean that the men in said stories will be in similar situations to attempt to make them feel the way we feel by being objectified. Turning tail and doing the same thing is as bad as having it being done to oneself. The only time that will happen is in a story that satirizes or makes a damned good point about it. Otherwise, they will be quality stories with no women's naked bodies on the covers to sell them to horny men who probably don't care about the story anyway.

I'm telling you I've had it. And I'm going to make it change.


Bonnie J. Stone

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