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I came to World Pulse through the magazine. After work one day, I needed something to nourish my spirit (as this was during my research into Islam and my own spirituality) and found the magazine in amongst the myriad of other spirit/community/world centered magazines. Seeing the phrase at the top: "The world through the eyes of women" caught me immediately as I have been becoming more feminist as I get older, and am ready to experience anything new on the feminist front. I was pleased to note that it did not push the extremist visions of, say, the "womyn" movement which thinks that men are trying to take over our womanhood and therefore we should remove all things that associate us with men from our own female words-or those views that say when we are allowed to hold the same exact jobs as men and are paid same wages for them without any sexism in the workplace-only then will we be "truly equal." The magazine, instead, came across as empowering without being syrupy sweet, and inspirational without being cheesy; and, therefore, accessible to someone who is middle of the road, just like me.

World Pulse fits with my personal vision because I have people around me here who actually do share my dreams and desires-albeit in different ways-rather than people who say "Oh yeah, that's a good idea" and then go on with their day as if I had never spoken. It is a fantastic place, and I treasure it, as I hope everyone here does. I have been sharing the website with all my female friends, and even some good male friends of mine, in the hopes that they will add their voices and help it to grow.

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Bonnie, Hello:-) My name is Jocelyn and I am evaluating your VOF week two assignment. What a pleasure to read your story! I am so glad that World Pulse has inspired you in this way. I was caught by the exact same phrase at the top of the magazine that you were, "The World Through the Eyes of Women". I sensed there was something important in those pages and I, too, have found a wonderful community of women and men here on pulse wire. Thank you for sharing your views and opinions openly. I also believe that feminism is about inclusion versus exclusion. I would love to hear even more background on who you are in further assignments if it is appropriate to the assignment topic. I felt I got a glance into your background, but I would love even more detail! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, I look forward to hearing more. Jocelyn

Thanks for sharing your experience of finding World Pulse and using PulseWire. It's great to hear that you feel that the people on Pulsewire really share your vision! I am looking forward to reading your future posts!