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Bonnie Samuel
Posted August 23, 2011 from United States

Our World Pulse Book Club is growing and there is more participation. Please spread the word to others and invite them to share books, interesting articles, news stories about women worldwide here at our Book Club.

I am a grandmother of a 7 year old avid reader, Faith is her name. Faith is interested in what girls elsewhere think, do, and read! So for her and all young girls, I ask our members to tell us of books your young girls are reading, give some brief comments if you would please, and of course, title and author. If the book has an ISBN number, please include.


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  • Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo-Wondieh
    Aug 24, 2011
    Aug 24, 2011

    Hello Dear Bonnie, this is a very interesting topic/discussion you have raised. There is nothing on earth I cherish compared to encouraging mentorship. I strongly believe this is a good start to mentor our sisters.

    There are a couple of girls’ books which I believe are interesting. Some are collections of diaries, blogs of young girls’ dreams to change the world, which they did. Others are stories of young girls battling in live as an orphan and as a girl whose dream is to be educated. These stories are very pertinent and live changing. It is worth reading even as an adult I love to flip through the books sometimes.

    1.A Girl of Two Worlds by Lorna Eglin, 2003, ISBN 1-857928393

    This is a true story. A very true story of some Maasai girls

    (Except from the prologue) Nosim comes from the wide plains of Southern Kenya where the Maasai people live. She is proud to be Maasai and she is proud to be the first member of her tribe to go to school. But Nosim doesn’t realise that she will soon be living a double life. Can she follow the old days of the Maasai tribe and be a modern-educated young woman? Can she be a remain an ardent Maasain lady and remain faithful to the practices of Christianity?

    1. Ten Girls who made a Difference by Irene Howat, 2010, ISBN 978-1-85792776-4

    This is also a true life story.

    (excerpt from synopsis)

    Would you like to make a difference? These ten girls grew up to do just that. Susanna's children changed their country; Monica's son changed the church; Ann's romance taught Burma about Love of Christ; Edith was used by God to change her world; Susannah listened to a preacher and then published the gospel of her life.

    1. Girl Politics by Nancy Rue, 2007, ISBN 10 0 210 71296 3 / 13 978 0 310 71296 1

    Girl Politics is basically focused on how young girls clique, help each other. How to deal with peer relations in a proper manner

    1. Grace Notes by Dandi Daley Mackall, 2006, ISBN 10 0210 71093 6 / 13 978 0 310 71093 6

    Grace notes talks about a young girl who used blogging to impact change in her society.

    I will do spread the word and in case of any new update on young feminists books, i will definitely share in our book club. Once more, this is quite beautiful, a very good platform for resource exchange

  • Bonnie Samuel
    Aug 24, 2011
    Aug 24, 2011

    Thanks very much, Zoneziwoh. All of these selections sound interesting indeed.

  • Waqar Azim
    Aug 28, 2011
    Aug 28, 2011

    I appreciate your way of thinking. I have learned from what u wrote.I will try to find the books u cited hope to learn from u time to time. Motivation is key to success and I request everyone to do mention any book on the subject whenever they read it. Thanks and best wishes.