It is great to start connecting with this group and hear the stories coming. I also want to ask for some thoughts on who I might start with, from two amazing women. One an artist - a singer, a young mother of four who spreads her warmth and her energy through her work. who is a beautiful diva and who brings a message of peace and fun through her artisitry. the other is a torture survivor who is now a facilitator for other torture survivors - facilitating community groups where people come together to tell their stories and recover and reclaim their humanity and themselves. Both are stories of light within the darkness. I would love to hear thoughts from this community though even the act of writing is of course a thought process and helps me to get clarity. The exploration is beginning.

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Hi Bounce,

Both of them are amazing, you can interview them both for your separate assignments, anyways I would love to know more about an artist one. Through her artist work, she can bring peace to people....Really wonderful!!! I'm eager to know more about her background how to bring peace through her artist work.... I'm looking to read your story!!!

With love, Sarvina

Regards, Sarvina from Cambodia VOF 2011 Correspondent

Bounce, you've got real gems in your prospects. Each of them will tell a unique story with highly incomparable dimensions, and it's really a tough thing to decide!

However, for me, I would go for the torture survivor first! You know why? It is because I believe her story will bring out the beauty and meaning of the songs of peace and fun of your amazing artist. Yes, they both spread their lights in different angles, but, for me, the experiences and breakthroughs of the torture survivor provides the powers and the lyrics of the songs of peace....

But, of course, you should know better! All the best, sister!

Always, Emie Zozobrado

Dear Jackie,

You do have wonderful prospects as Emie says above! If you wanted to interview both women, you could! If you look through Modules 2-4, perhaps you will be able to find another assignment where one of these women would fit into. I can easily see an interview with either one being part of your feature story--perhaps a feature story on arts in Zimbabwe, or surviving torture and turning it into a light for others.

Kind regards,


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Hi Bounce

well there are many ways of killing a cat,that artist is doing a great work of conveying message through her music and the other one torture survivor also is doing great job.I think you can interview them since they are totaly different in their endevours.Go Gal.

With lots of love


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Wow... thank you all for your thoughts it will help me to clarify and good to think about what else is coming too.. there are opportunities to bring light to many stories of course

Bounce, Both sound amazing....which one touches more your heart? which one you admire the most? the one you might consider has done something you think you could not have done, although you might have done it as well, the one that inspire you as when you see it you can feel tears in your eyes?

that might be the one, it might be a sensation in your spirit, in your soul, in your senses, in your body.......

con afecto


Con afecto 

Martha Llano

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Dear Bounce,

For me, it is very difficult to make a choice only one. Both of them are very impressive lady. So you can interview both of them. One is for this assignment and and the other is for next assignments or the posts. I am very eager to read both of their story.

With Love, Shwe

Shwe Wutt Hmon

Do you have time to interview them both? :)

I know preparing questions, reviewing materials, and becoming organized for even one interview may be new to all of us so thinking of one may be enough, but I would like to hear both of their stories. However, the second sounds like a story that needs to be heard strongly on WP and is such a beautiful example of women's empowerment.

There is something about the artist too though. I am blessed to have many musicians, painters, writers in my life and to see how they transform or reflect the world outside and within themselves - the peace it can bring, the pain that may be represented. Art is important - all forms. I am a spoken word poet and I can tell you that there is something amazing that happens inside of me when I am able to share myself creatively with others, when I get to be in a possible position to inspire people to create from within and take the chance to write about the world around them.

I agree with Marth and you, the heart barometer! How do you feel inspired/changed/opened by them both?

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I get a feeling. She sounds like the dear effervescent Dudu!!! I love her energy!

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Hello again No suprise you have two wonderful choices to begin with. As others have said- if time allows it seems both would make a wonderful but difference impact. Possibly if you think about the questions you would ask each and reflect the answer may come to you as to where you feel most inspired to begin....I look forward to seeing the outcomes...

Enjoy the day...