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Free on-line course: Show Your Worth!

Lena Beck Roervig
Posted May 13, 2018
Expired on July 12, 2018
Free on-line course. PATIENCE IS NOT A STRATEGY!
Get awareness, tools and the action plan, so you never again have to be frustrated. This on-line course will give you just that!

You cannot wait for others to give you the job, the project, the salary or whatever YOU dream about. You have to ask! You cannot wait for others to encourage you to speak up. You have to do it! It might feel uncomfortable, but you can learn how to AND feel OK doing it.

After this course you will
- Know why it has been difficult for you to put yourself out there: talking about your accomplishments, and ask for what you want and deserve.
- Have insight and techniques to change your inner critical dialogue to a positive.
- Know how small changes in your communication can have a huge impact in getting the message across.
- You will know how to make a powerful ask and what to say when you get a counterargument.
- Have tools on how to build positive relationships for helping you reach your goals.
- Have a plan for how to implement your new knowledge and tools.
There will be a workbook for exercises and reflection.

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