Introducing myself and my journal: KFIR Women!

Brigitte Wezel-Janssens
Posted February 24, 2009 from Belgium

About Me: Coming from Belgium, having traveled a lot through South East Asia, and other European and African countries, I have always been interested in women action, about their decisive role in many aspects of society. I wrote several articles about women community action in these countries I visited (Burma, China, Cambodia, Thailand, etc0. I have many passions : reading (I am currently reading lots of women authors), traveling, meeting people, and new places, I love the first impressions of discovery when you get in a country in which you have never been, I love to write (I wrote a novel last year and intend to publish it, called Runaway Girl), I like artistic expressions (cinema, painting, etc.), and I like to study. I am currently doing a specialization in global leadership and management in Portland PSU. AND I am pregnant, so a very huge adventure ahead of me, I am also married to Geoffroy, who is actually working in a company here in Portland. I love this city, its dynamism, originality, creative "effervescence" and this particular role the citizen is playing in their city, you can really feel a Portland community.

My Passions: Readin, Traveling, writing, music (reggae, dub, french music, and many other styles), art

My Challenges: Find my place of excellence, the place where I can give the most and the best, find a place where I feel a certain necessity of action.

My Vision for the Future: A more sustainable world, a world where each human (women or men) can have a say in defining our global common changes. A places with less inequalities, and more common harmony towards our future.

My Areas of Expertise: Women's rights, writing, organizing, creativity, languages, politics (european), global leadership

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