We want to empower sexually abused girl children who are the main school drop outs. They are very neglected by the society and their life becomes a mess and they are so illiterate that they remain life long submissive to their families. They are not heard properly, the reason being they are neither educated nor empowered. They live a life not worth living. We want to educate them with some skills and empower them with the knowledge on their rights and also their voting rights in their community. We want to give them their life by imparting alternative education, education needed to live LIFE.

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Hi Sister, Our current project is to buy a land and build a school for them so that we can empower these children. We have a piece of land adjacent to a big slum. The land os 3300 square feet, the land owner is quoting 110 dollar per square feet. the land value in Bangalore is very high. You can google it and find out. But we want around 66 people to coem forward and buy 50 square feet each so that we can hit the target. If 66 churches or anyone for that matter come forward to help us we can finish the project.Then I can invite international students to teach these poor, under privileged children. Till we get a new building we can conduct classes in the temporary shed there. Since we dont have a structure, the parents of the children are not sending their girls to us. If we have a proper structure, we can achieve it. I am looking for mission minded people to join us and help us with this project. Is it possible for you to help us with fund raising ? Any one can visit our mission anytime to witness our work here. Even these 66 people who are coming forward to buy can send the amount in 2 or 3 installments. If we unite together, many of these children will see light in their life. I am willing to present this project anywhere or if any of your team members want to visit us, you are most welcome. Thank you very much for your encouragement and support. with regards, beatrice