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I'm a little Bubble. My name doesn't meter since everybody have one, but not everybody have (free) will to write. I enjoy writing, I'm a designer and I like communications. My writings depend on my current mood and the information from my surroundings. What I find very disturbing is the amount of information one receives on a daily basis. Sometimes I feel overwhelming, and I wish the overwhelming info were exclusively nice things, not the other way around. Anyway, I write blog. It's in Serbian, my native language, and I have some posts in English. http://feministickabeda.blogspot.com/ It's about feminism. I declare as feminist and I tend to react on some important political issues. My motif for applying for this on line course is to gain some more knowledge and experience in journalism since I'm considering SJ as my second major. I like radio a lot and currently I have an internship on the local radio station in my hometown. The bottom line of all this is not my personal skill development of another reference in CV, which, if I may notice, a lot of people do nowadays. What I want and what my expectations from this course are, is to help me find more professional, effective and creative way to communicate with people and discuss some global issues, some of which people are not conscious of until they question their own needs and/or their personal freedoms. What i think of at the moment and what my dream is - is to find good way to bled art, design and journalism so I can create team of people who'd like to work on a magazine and/or website (including blogging) to discuss ongoing global issues like pollution, racism, sexism, violence, poverty, hunger etc., and possible solutions through activism and art.

My Passions: art, design, radio, skateboarding, reading, riding a bike, meditation...

My Challenges: art festival and traveling as much as possible

My Vision for the Future: relative

My Areas of Expertise: art - graphic design

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