It is about 15 months now that I won the scholarship award to go for Empowerment Training at the Empowerment Institute in Rhinebeck, NewYork which is as a result of my performance in the 2009 VOICES OF OUR FUTURE CORRESPONDENCE PROGRAM. I am sure you are all wondering what i have been doing since i came back from my training empowered to empower women in my community. I am so happy and overwhelmed to let you know that my dream and passion that THIS WORLD BE A SAFE PLACE FOR WOMEN is more and more reality as the days go by. After the training at the Empowerment Institute, The Worldpulse Board Members raised the fund for the registration of WOMEN INSPIRATION DEVELOPMENT CENTER and the NGO was registered immediately i got home in June and Certificate of registration is now with us, KUDOS to WORLDPULSE BOARD MEMBER. However before i left USA, David and Gail, the founders of Empowerment Institute Inaugurated IMAGINE INITIATIVE, which is designed to work with women in challenging life circumstance to improve their capacity for decision making leading to positive action. The program was initiated in five sites internationally, Nigeria, Sudan, Afganistan, India and South-Africa. I was made the Program Manager of Nigeria. In collaboration with Women Inspiration Development Center, We have done four workshops with about 80 women in the community ranging from the women teachers, market women and the Young Women Christian Association (YWCA). Out of these 80 women, one has gone to USA in January, to also be trained at the Empowerment Institute to join me with the work in Nigeria. We have also organized a SPEAK OUT OUTING by 22 women to commemorate the NO TO VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN DAY in November, 2010. Women Inspiration center is also providing safe spaces for women and girls with one form of violence or the other against them in the community. We are planning to take our outreaches to four villages at least this year if we are able to get funds. We want to have workshop on FINDING YOUR OWN TRUTH with the women in the villages and we want to HARNESS FEMALE ENTERPRENEURSHIP AS A FORMIDABLE RESOURCES IN THOSE VILLAGES TO IMPROVE FOOD SECURITY. This year we are also planning to start the CYBERCAFE FOR WOMEN ONLY in our community with 10 computers and modems. I am attaching with this journal some photographs of our activities in the past 15 months. If you want to know more about the Imagine Initiative, The website is The website for the Women Inspiration Development Center is on the way. Thanks

Love you all Busayo

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Good to hear that there's so much going on Busayo. Please keep us posted with what you are doing - I look forward to hearing more news.

When is the cyber cafe planned?

Yours, Julie