Women have been saying, " give us a chance, give us equal opportunities, whatever men can do, we can also do it and even better". Some women break the record that only men could drive cabs in Nigeria yesterday in Portharcourt, when the wife of the Rivers State governor, Mrs Judy Amechi empowered 50 women with CABS. They were called "WOMEN CABBIES". You could see those women smartly dressed in their cabs displaying boldness and dexterity in driving. Thay even demonstrated on the television how they could fix minor problems in their cabs when they were being commissioned. Seeing the way the women were ready to the bull by the horns, the Rivers State Governor himself, Governor Rotimi Amechi promised that he will also empower another 100 women in the state who are willing to become cab drivers. Not long ago, the Nigerian First lady, hajia Turai Yar'adua donated some tractors to some women in Agriculture in the Northern part of Nigeria to make their farming easy and to be able to produce more food. These are the kind of proffession hiterto thought to be solely for men. Women are also engaging in them now and they are doing beautifully well.

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This is such an inspiring story Busayo. How exciting! I can see these women being like community leaders, inspiring other women to make their dreams come true too. These might be great women to involve in the Women's Inspiration Center since they will be about town and public figures to a certain extent. They could attract other women to the cause as well.

They also might be great individuals to help spread the word about women empowerment and stopping violence against women at the local level. So many possibilities. We all benefit when even one woman is empowered!

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Hi Amy, You are right, they could attract other women to that business. By the time other women see them triving in the business, many will also want to venture into it.For them to be involved in the Women Inspiration center would mean us having a branch in the Rivers State because Rivers State to Osun State where i am is about 1000 KM.

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That is a great news. Women here in Kashmir drive thier own cars only. A petrol pump in Srinagar employed girls that was news.


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I was thrilled to read your entry. I think it is fantastic that women are working as cab drivers. It's interesting how certain jobs seemed to be considered men's jobs. When I was working in Cambodia last year, I used to take 'tuk tuks' or motos everywhere. Tuk tuk were little carts/carriages ornately decorated and pulled by a motorcycle. I was going through my daily routine, and was excitedly shaken from it by an unexpected and empowering surprise. I for the first time ever, saw a woman tuk tuk driver. It never occurred to me until then, that this was a "man's job". I was so so so proud of my sister for stepping out of the society's roles. I gave her a nod and a wave and went on my way, knowing that woman was making steps to women's empowerment in Cambodia, one tuk tuk ride at a time. I am a firm believer that we make change by steps. Sometimes they are small steps, but if we are making small steps all over the world, we are bound to hear the patter of change. It's inevitable Sisters! We are taking ground, we are moving and shaking. We can't be stopped!

Thanks for the story Sister! I am so glad to hear your voice.

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