Obisakin Busayo
Posted February 1, 2012 from Nigeria

Rape cases continue to be on the increase in Nigeria. This is because of the rigour involved for victims to get justice.The struggles will start as you report to police, you will have to result into blackmail, giving and many things for the police not to mess up your case. There is no way you can escape this because police are the prosecutor. After this, the case will be forwarded to the Ministry of Justice where another struggles will begin so that the case file will not disappear all of a sudden. If you are so unlucky that your rapist family are influencial in the state, then that might be the end of your case. Untill there is an advice from the Ministry of Justice that the rapist should be prosecuted your case will be struck out at the Magistrate Court. This advice which may not be forthcoming if you don't have people that can presurize them at the Ministry of Justice. I had been monitoring a rape case that happen since December, 2010. A 9 years old child raped by her teacher. She was waiting for her father to pick her up after closing, while waiting she was pressed and wanted to ease herself at the back of the class. Suddenly her music teaher pounced on her from the back forcefully remove her pant and violated her. We battled for this case for a whole year at the Magistrate Court before the ADVICE from the Ministry of Justice came. Infact if not for God, People and a lot of money spent by the parent of the girl, the case wouldn't have seen the light of the day. Thank God this case has been moved to the HIGH COURT now for the prosecution of the Rapist to begin. The proprietress of the school because of the name of her school have been threathening fire and brimstone on all of us that are involved in this case. I am going to open a petition page that i will send to all of you to sign that justice must prevail on this case and that the lives of our lawyer, the victim, the parent of the victim and my life must be protected. Meanwhile the victim have received adequate medical attention and she is doing fine in her new school. Princess of Media Concern Initiative in Lagos also a memeber of WorldPulse was also contacted on this case, they assisted us in writing to Human Right Commission who is also monitoring the case .

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