Today International Women's Day was celebrated in grand style in Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria. Women gathered in Sabo Junction to celebrate with series of songs in local dialect and the song of Lucky Dube, we want equality. Awareness campaign was created among women in the community as Women Inspiration Development Center founder and other volunteers matched from Sabo to Lagere and to Ojoyin at the office of the center. As we were moving along the raod we were chanting the songs and also telling the women that the time has come for them to come out of their shells raise their voices and join their men counterpart in the development of their country and community. Parents were encouraged to take the education of their girls children very serious as the girls can be presidents, governors, senators, doctors, lawyers, Engineers in future. Many people came out of their homes to hear the campaign and were waving to the organizers of the IWD to show their support to us. IWD was always celebrated in churches as Mother's Day before in Nigeria but never the way we did today in Ile-Ife. Some of the song sang today were; 'Mama ooooo, wa pe laye, Mama he he wa jeun omo, Eni ba ni ko ni rii bee a foloju, a kan lapa ko senu Trailer a ku tue' This mean Mothers will live Long, to reap the fruit of their labour in their children and that as many that says this will not be so will all loose their lives. Another one is: Iya ni wura iyebiye ti a ko le fowo ra which means Mothers are the gold of inestimable price which cannnot be bought. We also sang Obirin ni mi mopelola sang by Sola Allison a Nigerian singer which means God created women with everything deposited in them and so they are to be cherished love and cared for. It was an indeed a memorable day

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