Women Inspiration development Center (WIDC) joined others from all over the world to rise up against Violence against Women during the 2012 16 Days of Activism. The center organized “PHONE IN” programs on Radio for 15 weeks where women, girls, men and boys were given the opportunities to ask questions, contribute to the discussions on how to eradicate domestic and sexual violence in Nigeria. This program was sponsored by African Women Development Fund (AWDF). During each program, at least 1000 people from 13 states will be hearing the program. At every program at least 8 people were always given the opportunity to phone in to ask questions or contribute to the discussions. On the 10th December, 2012 which was the last of the 16 days, Women Inspiration Development Center Volunteers organized awareness campaigns on Violence against Women round the markets where we have the concentration of women in Ile-Ife. It is our belief that at least 15,000 people would have listened to the radio program within the period of 15 weeks. As a result of the “Phone in” programs on radio and the awareness campaign, 82 women and girls have visited the Center to date seeking for counselling, financial assistance and help on taking legal steps by victims of violence. The Phone In programs has increased knowledge and awareness on human and legal rights of women in the community. I have been invited by some leaders in the community as a result of this program to come and explain further on issues that affect women. If these “phone in” programs could continue for a year, there will be great awareness and eradication of Violence against women in Nigeria Therefore we are seeking assistance from interested individuals and organizations that are willing to partner with us in continuing the phone in program. Weekly “Phone In” program on Radio cost $50 10 weeks will cost $500 52 weeks which is a year will cost $2600