Obisakin Busayo
Posted March 2, 2009 from Nigeria

She needs to know that she is a unique creature

She needs to know that she is not here just to be used of men,

exploited and to be an object of amusement and entertainment.

She needs to know that she should speak for herself and nobody

will speak for her.

She needs to know that given her equal opportunity, she could

achieve success like her male counterpart.

She could get to the top and be successful in any career.

She needs to know that she should preserve herself for a brighter

future and not expose herself and throw away her dignity as a woman

When she is in a village,where she is deprived and illiterate.

She needs to know that she could be free and educated.

She could be useful, important and relevant to her world.

Even when she is well read, she is still ignorant.

How many women presidents, governors, and senators do we have?

How many vice chancellors, professors,provosts of colleges,

engineers educators and theorist do we have?

Even professions that shoud be dominated by women,

How many women gynecologists and pediatricians do we have?

She needs to know that with little extra effort,she could do it,

She could get there and be successful .

For her to know is our corporate responsibilities.

Our voices must be very strong,loud and clear.

To reach all the corners of the world

Ignorance is a serious disease that could kill,disable and incapacitated.

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