Mother's day was celebrated beautifully in Nigeria.Mothers were receiving beautiful messages from their children through out the day. Messages like " you are the best mother in the whole world", 'Mum you made me to be what i am today", Mother you are so great and lots of other messages that are very inspiring. Some were even receiving beautiful gifts of various kinds from their children. All these gestures set me thinking,I am sure there is no man in this world that is not born of a woman, nurture by a woman and made by a woman, yet you still feel confortable tampling upon a woman's right. It is biting the finger that fed you and when you do that a great punishment await you from God Almighty.All Government, Group of people and individuals that are violating the right of women all over the world should beware of the wrath of God. He who has hear let him hear.

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I like mothers day and My mom did teach me so many things and I owe her my life on this planet. I think its weird how some men can say I was born of a man but carried by a woman? Weird? Yeah, Men are undisciplined and they are horrible. But that can change when one sets and example and if other women follow that example. If women can break the tradition of serving man then men will fight back but men ruling over women is wrong.

I mean history has proved its wrong and the good keep prevailing. Examples would be slavery, natives taking there rights back, Obama becoming president, the world can be better but with the exception that more people must believe in it. Did I make sense? I have trouble telling my ideas and views... Yes, Warm Regards to you and I admire your love for the Female part of humans. Your so courageous!

"Fight fire with fire, you'll end up with ashes." "A charming lady does not follow the crowd, she is herself."

Hi Sunny Sunshine, You are making sense my dear and you are passing your idea across very well. The good will always prevail because that is the side where the God that owns the universe and in control of it is. Forty years ago it was a dream that a Black Man would be in the White House,It is now a reality and so there is hope that this world one day would be save for women and Women would no more be discriminated against because of their sex.

My Best Regards Busayo

Busayo Obisakin Women inspiration Development center Ile-Ife, Nigeria