It was still like a dream, and that I would wake up any time and say, "Oh no! so this was all a dream." This was actually how I was feeling until after I came down from the plane at Kennedy Airport, went through all the security checkings and then came to the other side where people were waiting for their visitors. I then just saw her from afar with a card bearing my name. She ran and met me, hugged me so tight and was saying;- "Yes, you have made it!!!!!. You have come at last!!!!!. It was at that point that it was dawned on me that I was actually in NewYork, the land of opportunity. I have never seen a city like that in my life. So big and with so tall buildings that looked like they could fall down at any moment. I was saying in my heart: "God, don’t let them fall down because it would be so disastrous." Amy also came all the way from California to be with me in New York. When we got home, we met Elizabeth and her husband who are a very wonderful couple. They welcome me to their home warmly. That day, except going out to eat, I and my mentor, Amy talked and talked on our lives, our families and our passions until we both slept off. 4th January:- Amy took me out to many places in New York. We went to the Time Square, Rockefeller Center, visited several shops where we did little shopping and then came back home. Amy is indeed my angel; guiding me through the city, guiding what I should eat so that I would not react to the new food and through out my stay, I did not have any trouble with anything I ate. 5th January:- We visited The museum of Natural History where I saw different animals that I had never seen before. The museum was so rich with natural history. In the museum we also entered a Planetarium where we had a journey to the star. In fact, if I had known how it would been inside the Planetarium, I would never have entered it for anything in my life. But after entering, and I knew I could not go out again until they finished, I resigned myself to fate and enjoyed it all. I would never forget that experience. The journey started from the Earth, where we basked in the warm ray of the setting sun. We then jump over 13 billions of years into the past, to a time when there were no stars at all to about 4.5 billion years ago when our very sun was born. We then traveled to the present day, zooming in our sun to see how the stars work and to explore stars in our galactic backyard that are going through all these processes now. We also visited several churches and went in the evening for Fella show. Fella was a musician in my country who died some years ago. I used to be his fan. He confronted the tyranny of military rule in Nigeria then with his music. The show brought him alive to me, It was like he resurrected and I really enjoyed the show. 6th January:- We went out again to visit some other places. We then stayed indoor most of the afternoon preparing the concept note for my vision and how the vision is going to be accomplished. 7th January:- We were indoor most of day preparing for my trip to Rhinebeck for The Empowerment Training. We also worked more on the concept note. We later took a train to train station that took me to Rhinebeck for the training. At the station, to make sure I arrived the place safely, Amy also handed me over to some other participants who were also going for the program whom she had earlier arranged with. And until Lenore, Piper and Isisara promised that they would take care of me for her, my mentor did not leave me. In the evening of 7th to 10th January, I had the most wonderful weekend of my life which I would be sharing later in another journal. 10th January:- I met Lyn, a wonderful, down to earth woman who had prepared several delicacies for me to be having while I would be staying with her. Lyn is the head Board of Trustees of WorldPulse. I was sleeping in the Queens room which was Lyn’s own bedroom through out my stay. Wasn’t that cool?. Later in the evening of that same day, Jensine arrived from Portland, our own dear Jensine, the great woman whose vision brought alive my own vision. It was like I cannot have enough of her. We had nice time talking through the night before we finaly had to go and sleep. 11th January:- I met Regina who chaperoned me for the day, a woman who has been investing most of her life on children for them to develop a good and healthy self image. We visited again John Divine Church, Lincorn center and later had lunch in a very cozy restaurant. I had a great day. I ended the day with my mentor, Amy who was always there 12th January:- I started the day with jensine. We talked about her vision for WorldPulse in 2010 and her vision to travel the world. I later met Ann who was to chaperon me for the day. she is an amazing woman. She took me to Empire Building where she paid so much for us to travel to the 86th floor where we were watching the whole of NewYork below, It was an awesome view. Later we had lunch with Ann's friend, Holly who is working with kids. Her organization is called- ByKids. I watched the vidieo of a kids which I felt so connected with, it was as if I was watching my life history. 13th January:- I was at the Boomberg, a media company, with Jensine and Lyn where we met two other women who were working with some other women on bringing positive changes to women all over the world. It was after that meeting that I met Jade physically. I kept on touching and touching her as if she might vanish, such a sweet and wonderful woman. We visited the United Nation building together where we had a tour with a tour guide that told us the history of the UN, their work from the beginning to the end. We had the opportunity of entering the hall where all the Heads of State always have their meetings. We came back to Lyn's house where I and Jensine had our kind of Opera and Celebrity kind of interview which was recorded. We later also met an audience of men and women who are doing one great work or the other round the world. I ended the day with Amy and Jade with whom I had good discussions. 14th January:- I had my first yoga lession today with my mentor. I felt so good in my body after it. We went out in the afternoon to attend the lunch Gail organized to mark her birthday and in my honor. It was there that I met my soul sister, Tina. It was a memorable moment for me. I kept on holding her face as if I could not let go. I was able to share my vision and what I have learnt through the Voice Of Our future Correspondent Program. I was able to hear also from Tina and some mentors like; Taur Orange, Manon's mentor; Lynn Margileth, Tina’s mentor; Yvonne Bryant, Jackie’s mentor and my mentor, Amy Jensine and Adetola, a Nigerian but was born in America, who were all at the lunch about what they have learnt. We all received twinkles from others. It was a glorious moment, people were ready out-rightly to support my vision for the women in my community. I really appreciate the people. I also had the opportunity of meeting Natalie, Olutosin's mentor ealier at Rhinebeck who was so fond of her mentee. She kept on talking about her. I really enjoyed my time with her and I promised her that I and Tosin are going to organize how we can meet physically in Nigeria. She gave me a gift of a good winter coat and a scarf to protect me from the cold. We had a meeting later with some of Jensine’s friends and WorldPulse Board members and we also had a nice time. 15th January:- I went out with Ann again to visit her friend's NGO, Brotherhood and Sistersol. The work they are doing with kids there is amazing. I collected their curriculum to study and see how I can be part of their work. They took us round the Organization building to see what they are doing. After that, we met Ellen and went out to watch a film. Ellen was another wonderful woman I met during the trip whom I can never forget. She is amazing. The film we watched is about a tyrant who was oppressing a race and was resolute in destroying them. What stood out for me in that was how a man and women joined hand to work together and fight the tyrant and then conquered him. The man couldn’t have done it alone. The day ended with a dinner with some Board members and friends of WorldPulse. 16th January :- We went out in the morning to attend a meeting with the Board of Trustees of Worldpulse where I also shared my vision and what I learnt in the VOF program, They were so touched that they decided right there to support the registration of the Women Inspiration Center in Nigeria. I had to say goodbye after the meeting. Parting was so hard for all of us. Amy and I went out from there to do the final shopping. We then went back home to have a chat with David, Gail’s husband on the next step about my vision. At 7.00pm, we headed for the Kennedy Airport with Amy to catch my plane back to Nigeria. It was a tearful moment for me parting with Amy. I couldn't look back at last moment I was leaving her.

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It sounds like you had an amazing trip and had the opportunity to meet some wonderful people. I am glad you had such a lovely time and were able to share so much with your hosts. How special for them to get to know you and your vision. What a wonderful international bonding experience! I look forward to reading more about your trip.

Take care, Maria

Well done Busayo. I was happy to read you have had such a wonderful time. Meeting so many people in person u only know online should definitely a great feeling. I hope we also meet sometime soon :)

Lots of Love

With best wishes,

Nusrat Ara 

WorldPulse Community Champion (Environment Group) 

Looking forward to the day when we can actually see each other.

Lots of love

With best wishes,

Nusrat Ara 

WorldPulse Community Champion (Environment Group) 

Hi sis,

Jenisne, Jennifer,Jade Frank, Amy, Mother Natalie Safir, Corine, Janice, Scott, all mentors and midwives have doen so well, may God bless you all

Well done too Busayo, you have done so well and we are proud of you, it brought tears to my eyes, that what we registered for in 2008/09 can become so real, Nigeria will soon know that some women are empowered, all the time, love, training, connection, energy and money invested on and in us can not just vanish like that, we are equal to the task as I welcome Women women to a new season.

Sis Bus, welcome home, we just have to meet.

Loads of love

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre 512 Road F Close Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:

We the correspondents in Nigeria need to meet to work together to realize our vision for the women in our country. I will like us to meet to see how women in Nigeria are going to be empowered to actually live a life they really wanted. Thank for your love and supports. I met our sister Fatima too, she uses FatWaz in pulsewire.

Lots of love Busayo

Busayo ObisakinWomen inspiration Development centerIle-Ife, Nigeriabusobisaki@yahoo.comwomeninspirationcenter@gmail.com

I can come over to Ife whenever you and Olakitike are around

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre 512 Road F Close Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:

Thanks for posting this for us. It is a dream come true not only for you but for all of us. We want to let you know that we feel empowered when you are empowered, and we will support you all the way.



Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva Tarija - Bolivia South America

Dear Busayo

Such a wonderful experience..thank you for sharing it with us. It is so amazing that what started virtually came out for must have been great touching and hugging them. Cant stop smiling just at the thought of the magic...

Looking forward to reading your experience of the empowerment training..

Love Khushbu

Khushbu Agrawal


Thank you for sharing your experience with us... and know that your visit to NY meant just as much or more to everyone you met. From the moment we first embraced, I did not want to let go and soaked in as much Busayo Beauty as I could so that your incredible spirit and vision would stay with me forever and push me forward in realizing my own dreams as well as supporting the women leaders around the world to realize theirs. Please continue to share with us your plans for the Women's Inspiration Centre so that we can help celebrate and learn from your successes.

Lots of love, Jade

Jade, Do you know that i felt the same about you when we met each other, you were the first person that welcome me to the pulsewire community and asked me to be your friend. I have always cherished that till we met face to face. I was so happy when you told me that you were going to come eventually to NewYork. You are a source of inspiration to me and surely i will continue to share my plans with you because i will always need your advice and support along the line. Thanks very much dear friend.

much love Busayo

Busayo ObisakinWomen inspiration Development centerIle-Ife, Nigeriabusobisaki@yahoo.comwomeninspirationcenter@gmail.com

Busayo, Each person you met was forever touched by your beautiful spirit and I will never forget the joy of seeing you in person. That evening, I kept thinking this is indeed a dream as you filled the room with your love. Standing there with Tina, Amy and Fatima, you all spoke to the power of what we can achieve when we share our vision with the world. It was such a magical time that ended all too soon but we have the delight of knowing that you will return.

Sending you a hug and a huge thanks for all that you do for the women in Nigeria. I know you will move mountains one day, Janice

Janice, I can not radiate love without the love you all sower on me, You received me as if we have been sisters and friends from ages. I really appreciate your love and believe in me. It was such a magical time for me too, i was so overwhelmed. I am still chewing all what i received when i came over there,I will get across to you on the website of Women Inspiration Center and my next line of action on my work with the women in my community. Thanks once again for your love.

Big hugs Busayo

Busayo ObisakinWomen inspiration Development centerIle-Ife, Nigeriabusobisaki@yahoo.comwomeninspirationcenter@gmail.com

My dearest Busayo,

I have tears from reading your journal entry. Knowing Jensine, Jade, Janice, and the others as I do, I could almost see, feel, hear, touch and smell what your meeting must have been like. Arms entwined and hearts beating. Like Nusrat, I cannot wait for my own turn to hold each of you and experience the magic. We are soul sisters that have built bonds that will not be broken by time or distance.

I am eager to hear more about your Inspiration Center. As we are now on similar journeys, I look forward to us being support systems for each other, sharing lessons learned, warning each other about pitfalls, celebrating successes, and most importantly at this stage - where to find funding! (And of course, working with Amy to create some sort of exhange program between our centers!)

Keep trying to Skype and soon we will connect. Or, I'll just have to get an international calling card one of these days and call you!

Much love my sista, Jennifer

Jennifer Ruwart Chief Collaborator JR Collaborations

Dear Mother Hen, I cannt wait to see and hug you too, you need to know how disappointed i am to know that you will not be arround to meet me in NewYork but not to worry i know one day we are going to meet face to face. How are you preparing your trip to Kenya. I know it is not easy to relocate more importantly when you are moving continent apart. God will help you and Shawn to go about it. I hope Noah also is doing well. I will continue to give the update concerning the Women Inspiration Center. For now what i am looking forward to is for it to get registerd as an NGO and then to have a mobility to be moving around with members of my team from town to town,villages to villages, ministries and organisations to empower women on creating their lives the way they want it ,have visions for themselves and the tools to manifest it based on the Empowerment Training i received at the Empowerment Institute before we could get grant to build the center and first start the cyber cafe because it is getting more and more difficult for women to visit the few cybercafe around . I believe so strongly that women need to be well informed if they are going to get out of their poverty and series of voilence that plague them day to day in Nigeria. I will still try to call you on skype again. Thank you very much for being there all the time.

Lots of love Busayo

Busayo ObisakinWomen inspiration Development centerIle-Ife, Nigeriabusobisaki@yahoo.comwomeninspirationcenter@gmail.com

Dearest Busayo, Ah! I am on the verge of tearing up again. It is so wonderful to hear from you again and to hear more of your adventure. Thanks so much for posting and I can't wait to hear about your time at the Empowerment Institute too. Sending you so much love and a big warm embrace, Tina xxx

I could have commented on every entry on your journal. Keep writing... how you see and experience the world inspires me.

Only as high as you reach can you grow

Only as far as you seek can you go

Only as deep as you look can you see

Only as much as you dream can you be.

Wish I had written this. Don't know who did but it reminds me of you,

Love, Ann

Ann B. Graham USA Bronxville, New York and Edgartown, MA mobile phone: 914.329.4771

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