Introducing myself and my journal: Story Of My Life

Posted April 15, 2013 from South Africa

About Me: I am a young lady who will be turning 26 this year November, I have a beautiful baby girl who would be turning 4years on the 25 of this month (April). I grew up playing soccer, I grew up as a tomboy with both my parents and my younger sister and brother. I am a very energetic being, who enjoys challenges and is never broken down by an difficult situation in my life. I had a rough life when growing up, I experienced lot of things that made me to be a better today lady and mother today. I work in a youth center where we deal with young people and everything that's affects them. i'm doing psychology at UNISA, and I run a project that helps young girls from 15years until university level.

My Passions: talking to people especially young girls

My Challenges: lack of money,

My Vision for the Future: opening my own clinic

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