A week to my Birthday last year, I received yet another disappointing news that my name wasn’t on the list of admitted students accepted to pursue a degree in Mass Communication.

This was one of such disappointments since my I got my Diploma almost four years ago. I was devastated by the news, and the thought of my dreams slipping through my fingers.

I am from a family of five children where resources are managed to send each of us to school. Flunking another exam brought a rush of shame. I had let down my Parents for not being able to successfully gain an admission into a government subsidized University.

Most of my former schoolmates already graduated and were working in different organizations. This was a big blow on my self-esteem. I started avoiding their calls- after a while, our friendship fizzled out. I felt dejected, alone and hopeless. At the verge of giving up, I sort the approval of my parents to allow me drop out of formal education and pursue an alternative vocational training in Catering. Being a restaurateur instead of a Journalist was not such a bad idea, I thought. But my parents rejected it and reprimanded me for wanting to settle for a quick fix-it.

On March 15th, my Birthday, I was still depressed and felt that I didn’t have much to celebrate. I tried to write, and express my feelings in my diary (which I find very therapeutic) when I am emotionally drained. While reading through my diary, I came across a sheet of paper where I had written down all I wanted to achieve before I clock Thirty. On top of the list was to ‘publish a novel and write for any news medium.’

That note changed everything. It spurred me into action. I knew it was time to stand up and take full responsibility for my future. It was no use dwelling solo in my pity-party.

A couple of weeks later, I procured an entrance examination form into The Nigerian Institute of Journalism. Before the exam, I studied hard like my prayers will not be answered and prayed hard like my study did not matter.

Today, I am studying at the Journalism school and serving as a freelance writer for online media. With the help of God, my family and friends, against all odds, I am standing up to achieve my dreams.

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Dear Bussy Bambo, What a great and happy story this is. You are a role model for me and others about choosing how we want to live life and doing our best to achieve the goals we set out for ourselves. I too find a journal therapeutic but haven't written in one for awhile. Maybe I'll pick it up again tonight. Thanks for sharing & congratulations on your new future!


Dear `Busayo,

Isn't it wonderful that you found your "to-do" list? I love when that happens, usually just in time to remind me of what I really need to do. And you are doing it! Thank you for sharing your story. And for following your dream. You have a talent for writing - keep on keeping on!

Best wishes, Beverly