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My name is Buumba Malambo a 21 year old Social Work Student at the University of Zambia. When I was growing up I did not have a rosy childhood where all is provided for you on the table, me and my brothers had to sell vegetables every day before going to school to help our parents gain some income. I was always tired but I worked hard at school and was always on top of my class. In 2012 when I was sent to Chanyanya village for my rural school project after working with the community I had sleepless nights and many sobs in my blankets after I saw how the the children more so the girl child was being treated I personally saw how the little girls were married off at early age as early as 12 against their will hence being denied the ability to acquire an education also how no one dares to speak against rape for the abused girls who die and suffer physically and emotionally in silence, also after I saw a girl called Mutinta going to a school barefooted passing through the dangerous bush and long distance I thought of how she access school during the raining season from that I thought of how I could help them hence the formation of Buumbalambo foundation For the children in need registration NO: Registration No: ORS/1O2/35/4792 in 2013 "EARLY MARRIAGE A SILLENT KILLER AND THE DISEASE CALLED RAPE "RAPE it is a more heinous crime than murder since the rape victim dies throughout the period she lives. It is very distressing and indeed disheartening that the lives of a girl child ,a woman and a female student who would have been the bread of a poor family that invested so much in her has been taken away by men who were supposed to be good examples to their sons. It is daunting that most important institutions such as the church and police who are entrusted to protect the welfare of the women and girls have turned their backs from the cries of the women and girls. Due to moral decay the society has embraced the idea of blaming the victim instead of fighting the perpetrator the society finds culpability in the defenceless in society who die from excruciating pain. If indeed it’s a girl child fault because her skirt was above the knees what about the little 4 year old girl what wrong did she do? The only solution is to relearn the mentality put in the society that the other sex is more important than the other and by stiffening the punishment for the many perpetrators also to build a good plat form that can that can allow women to voice out. This is a poignant issue and should be taken seriously BY THE WHOLE SOCIETY. Child marriage is a human rights abuse. It constitutes a grave threat to young girls’ lives, health and future prospects. Marriage for girls can lead to complications related to pregnancy and childbirth, and in developing countries these are the main causes of death among 15–19 year-old girls. Girls who are married are also exposed to sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. For a girl, marriage can mean the end of her education, can set aside her chances of a vocation or career, and can steal from her foundational life choices. The culture of silence has caused this disease of child marriage to continue occurring. Child marriage often occurs in the shadows of poverty and gender inequality, impeding efforts to empower girls and boys and achieve long-term, sustainable development. It is both a symptom and a cause of ongoing development challenges, as the practice of child marriage further contributes to economic hardship, human rights violations, and under-investment in the educational and health care needs of children. Child marriage limits young girls’ skills, resources, knowledge, social support, mobility and autonomy. Young married girls have little power in relation to their husbands and in-laws. They are therefore extremely vulnerable to domestic violence, abuse and abandonment. Violence may include physical, sexual or psychological abuse. SOLUTIONS • Publicize and enforce the national law that establishes 21 as the legal age of marriage. • Engage communities through public campaigns, pledges, or incentive schemes. • Raise the awareness of parents, community leaders, and policymakers about the health and rights implications of young girls marrying much older men. • Develop special social and health support structures for young, first-time mothers. • Encourage governments and communities to commit to getting girls to school on time and to keeping them in school through the secondary level. Being in school during adolescence has important health and development benefits for girls. • Develop social and economic programs for out-of-school girls, including nonformula education programs

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Girls Transform the World 2013.

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Hello Buumba,

Thank you for writing your essay...a very moving and sad one, indeed. People have created so much unbelievable suffering and needless tragedy by being unconscious. It must be absolutely heart-breaking for you to witness these sweet children's innocence and dignity destroyed. (I was sobbing in my pillow along with you!!)

I thank you for your courage in facing the challenges of poverty head-on. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being solution-oriented. You must truly feel overwhelmed at times at the magnitude of need around you, wishing you could solve everyone's problems. You are a force for GOOD and your work couldn't be more noble, more needed. I respect so much that you started an NGO to address some of the gravest problems children face. Please keep it up! I wish I could help you!!

Thank you for including all the beautiful photos of yourself, the children, the villages where you work--wonderful to see...

Please keep contributing to World Pulse!



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Do you mean the call for submissions on the topic of Maternal Health, with the chance of being published in the World Pulse e-magazine?

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Love, Susan

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