These are questions for all of you. 1. How well can you decode media text? 2. Do you believe everything that you see or hear in the media? 3. How many times have you bought something that you don't even use or want? 4. How can we use the power of the media to advance women's rights?

My journal is aimed at exploring the Power of Communication including the media and media tools and approaches to advance all forms of human rights and other fundamental freedoms. I encourage everyone to think about these questions and if you have answers, post them and let's get people talking about the Power of Communication.

Warm regards, Gertrude

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My mother who recently passed away (bless her soul) asked my father to buy her a sauna belt. After being bombaded with numerous advertisemnts of lossing weight and having a perfect body (like the models she saw advertising the product), she insisted she needed a sauna belt for her to have a flat stomach and toned her body. The sauna belt was bought and used for ONLY once. It was neatly packed away and never used again. A few months later (after the sauna belt was bought), another advertisement selling almost a similar product was on the television. The advertisement insisted that the product was the best and, "would bring good results in 30 days or your money back." Guess what, my mother said, "i want to buy that product. I think it's better than the sauna belt. Look at how it work." When I gave birth to my son who turned two last week, my mother gave me the sauna belt. To my surprise, the belt is also neatly packed in my closet. This shows that advertisements make us buy things that we do not want and promotes consumerism.