Women to learn about the Constitution

Gertrude Pswarayi
Posted June 20, 2009 from Zimbabwe

Fifty women will gather at a local hotel in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe on June 21 and 22, 2009 for a two-day workshop aimed at analysing the current Constitution of Zimbabwe. The workshop which was organised by the Women's Coalition of Zimbabwe comes at a time when Zimbabweans are calling for the Government of National Unity (GNU) to come up with a people-driven Constitution that recognises and upholds international standards of human rights. Most Zimbabweans are not aware of the contents of the current Constitution and its 19 Amendments. For the past 28 years the Government of Zimbabwe has shown its lack of commitment in educating its citizens on the Constitution of the land. As a result, many Zimbabweans not aware of the violation of their rights and how the Constitution contradicts itself. This workshop seeks to enlighten women on some of the grey areas in the Constitution and how these affect their lives. It will give women a chance to reflect on a number of key issues that affect them and enable women to map a strategy on how to have these issues included in the new Constitution. Currently, Zimbabweans are debating on how progressive the new Constitution should be. Many are calling for a Constitution that recognises and upholds international standards of Human Rights. However, others want a Constitution that preserves cultural and religious beliefs at the expense of minority groups.

By Gertrude Pswarayi

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  • Maria de Chirikof
    Jun 21, 2009
    Jun 21, 2009

    It is interesting to read how they do not know of what is in their constitution and the rights they have, but I can also see the conflicts in how to change it too. Where you want both to protect human rights for all but also want to make sure it protects cultural beliefs and practices but "only the humane ones" kind of thing. I love that the woman are taking the time to get educated and see what it says and what it needs to say to bring equality to them.

    Keep us informed on how this workshop goes! It is very interesting and I would love to see what they decide needs the most work and how they go about it!


  • Nyaradzo Nyanhete
    Jun 25, 2009
    Jun 25, 2009

    Hie Getrude, That is so great.Its good for us women to get involved in these things and make a change. We the women of Zimbabwe must make our issues heard and acted upon or rather implemented. It is now the time for a positive change of attitude.We must play our part a take the role as women in the new Zimbabwe. So where are these women coming from?Are they only coming from Bulawayo only or from all parts of the country? We also deal with those issues at where i work(Young Women African Leaders Movement).We do leadership and politics trainings and we are currently working on the constitution making programmes with other women organisations like Womens Coaliton and Young Women Leadership Institute. If you can please invite us too to this workshop, we have a lot to contribute towards the new constitution as young women. We have our own issues as young women. Seriously consider this.

    Regards Nyarie.

  • Gertrude Pswarayi
    Jun 26, 2009
    Jun 26, 2009

    Dear Nyarie, I am sorry to report that the workshop was held on 22 and 23 June this year. It was specifically targeting women in Bulawayo. I know for a fact that the Women's Coalition is organisation such workshop for each province. Where are you based? For more information you can also contact the Women's Coalition of Zimbabwe in Harare (Tel: +263 4 775765 and speak to Netsai). Can you send me a profile of your organisation on my email. I would like to know more about your organisation.

    Warm regards, Gertrude