About Me: I am a Christian journalist. I'm highly interested in breaking barriers, building bridges, connecting people to people, to places, to ideas, to whatever will help them become their real developed selves and enjoy fullness of life while contributing greatly in keeping others free and happy. I'm also a media scholar working in the domain of development communication with stress on how to use the media to reduce poverty, promote wealth generation and connections and active participation in the society.

My Passions: to ensure that everyone develop and use their full potentials for a better and all inclusive world

My Challenges: poverty and man-made obstacles like corruption, injustice that create frustration and stunted growth

My Vision for the Future: strategic connections and active participation for inclusiveness in wealth distribution and usage

My Areas of Expertise: polyglot, speaking, writing, inspiration/motivation

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Scott Beck

Thanks very much Scott. I'm very excited about the site and it will provide me unrestricted avenue to share my feelings and life with you all. keep doing the good work you have embraced. i'm behind you. Cheers.


Thank for the reply. Sorry for my short response, am not a big writer. Lol Am not sure if you have read my journal yet, if you haven't please read it whenever you fine time . To answer your questions, is really not much happening here.I am a political science major, I have lived abroad most of my lfe and i do alot of volunteer work here. I am in the process of relocating to Nigeria after living abroad for 10yrs. I will like to meet other Nigerians, who are making a difference in their community. I will be glad to volunteer my time in mentoring young women. I am so glad to meet you and be a part of world pulse.

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