Courtney Prudhomme
Posted November 7, 2010 from United States

I am so excited to join this site of awesome people!! Charity work is really where my heart is, and ESPECIALLY when it involves women in need.. I am an domestic abuse survivor and I have always wanted to use my experiences to help other women. It truly blesses my soul to think I might be able to help women in rural communities and countries.. I am so excited about the Rafiki group and I hope to get approved soon. I recently started penpalling and this would be a great marriage of my new penpal addiction and my love of charity work. I hope to also be able to get more involved with this site in other groups as well. It is TRULY better to give than to receive.

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  • Sarvina Kang
    Nov 07, 2010
    Nov 07, 2010


    I'm also excited to see you here. PulseWire is so amazing as you can connect with women worldwide. I'm great that you are passionate with the poor rural communities and countries. PulseWire is lucky to have as a wonderful woman like you join in and many thanks for being part of our community!!!

    I look forward reading your post as well as your work and experience!

    Kind Regards, Sarvina Kang Phnom Penh, Cambodia

  • Yvette Warren
    Sep 24, 2014
    Sep 24, 2014

    Hello, Cajun Hillbilly Housewife, from a Cajun Swamp Rat in Slidell, Louisiana.

    My daddy was from Golden Meadow, on Bayou Lafourche, and my mama from Franklin, on Bayou Teche. My maiden name is Autin. I have been looking for a World Pulse sister in my home state. .

    I hadn't heard of the Rafiki Club, but your mention of it in your post encouraged me to find out about it. Is it still active?

    I see all of World Pulse as a huge group of "pen" pals, with the computer as our "pens." I spend most days working as a volunteer welcomer and listener for World Pulse. This is some of the most interesting and rewarding work I've ever done.

    Welcome aboard. I hope we'll meet at some time.